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Truman and Wilson Give Back! gave us our treats, but the opinions expressed are our own!

Wilson and Truman had an opportunity to give back and they did!  This month at you could choose to order Wellbites and in turn, Wellbites would donate five cases of food!  As rescued dogs themselves, they understand the need to share and give back.  We are so proud to be a part of Wellbite's campaign.

Wellbites are also very good.  Truman and Wilson preferred these treats over others they were offered when they came from outside.  Wellbites come in a variety of flavors.  Beef and Turkey, Turkey and Duck, Lamb and Salmon and Lamb and Chicken.  We were given the Beef and Turkey ones, which were, according to our dogs, yummy!

Wilson is a West Highland Terrier and Truman is a Cavashon.  These two white pups give us endless fun and joy, and being honest, annoy the dickens out of us from time to time.  Both dogs love to nap and bark, and sometimes do both at the same time.  No. Kidding.

Wilson's heavy coat sheds little and he needs little care but he likes to be brushed from time to time. Truman does not like to be brushed but tolerates it.  He looks at us with his big eyes begging to be done with this!

This is an older picture of the two.  Best Buds!
Those of you with furbabies of your own, what are your joys with pet ownership?  Share some of your thoughts, don't be surprised to see yourself quoted on Facebook one of these days!

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