Color Our World~Red!

This month the bloggers from Project Beautiful focused on the color RED.  It was a perfect color choice for December and now you will have many beautiful red posts to read and love.

Let's talk a bit about the color red.  People know a lot about red.  It is one of our three primary colors.  It is associated with heat, passion, sacrifice and danger. It is used to get attention: think stop signs.  It is used to mark happiness (China).  Ochre is a reddish rock that was ground up and made into paints, as long as 140,000 years ago!  Holidays, religion, and the sunset all have connections to red that will make your head swim just thinking about all that red!

We have several gardening bloggers in our group and they always have the most wonderful choices!  Look at Lee's Red Hot Mammas.   You will want to go and read her post about these delightful flowers.

Soshi at Blooming Secrets has a nice collage of flowers you might consider if you are wanting a spot of red in it.

Lee gives us more beautiful flower choices in red.  Her article focuses on those plants that do in the Northeast part of the country, but I promise that some of these grow well in other locations too.

Teri from The Freshman Cook made these delightful Candy Cane Cookies.  I am such a cookie fan.  I love cookies of all sorts (but not coconut, please!)

For me, you might remember the homemade cranberry juice that I made here.  Let me tell you, it was so delicious in our juice mixes and cocktails this Christmas.  I loved knowing what ingredients were in my juice:  fruit and water!

Thanks for checking and seeing what all the buzz was about!  I hope you will join us the first Monday in January for our focus on the color WHITE!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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