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I was given product from Oriental Trading for my review but all opinions are my very own!

Valentine's Day is approaching and we are all scrambling over our pinned posts to find a gift for those in our lives who go above and beyond to make our lives easier.  I, too, am looking for that gift, and I believe I have found one that is easy, creative and inexpensive, yet also is beautiful and tasty!

This candy bouquet is so pretty in person.  All you need are candies, a vase or container, foam to hold the candies in place, tape, and floral sticks.  All my candies were purchased from the Valentine's page of Oriental Trading!  So many choices, both in kinds and colors!  You will see so many ideas when you visit the Crafts Section, too.  I searched the whole section just in case there were ideas I hadn't thought of yet!

Green foam and plastic container came from a dollar store.
First I wash and dry the container. I place the green foam in the container and create a grid with tape. This holds the foam in place and also helps me know where to place the candy.  In this bouquet I am using chocolate roses, lollipops, rock candy sticks and Hershey's chocolates taped to floral sticks.  I start in the center with a chocolate rose and surround the rose with lollipops and rock candy.  I added more roses and lastly, I add the Hershey candy in for more depth and texture.  Add a card and you are ready to present this to your favorite people!

What do you think?  

Let me know if you make one and be sure to send a photo!  I'll send photos to Oriental Trading, too!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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