A Sentence A Day~ December

When I learned about writing a sentence a day for journaling, I knew it was something I wanted to do.  I was right, because here I am today, still doing it! This is my eighth month and I don't think I will be slowing down anytime soon. It's just one sentence a day, although, trying to summarize the day's events and emotions into one sentence is challenging.

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I knew December would be a challenge.  There are so any things on my want-to-do list, plus keeping up with two blogs (I do a Christmas blog half of the year) I just wasn't sure how this would work. The neat thing about this type of journaling though, is, that it is just one sentence!  I can usually work it in right before bedtime.  Here are my thoughts from December.

December 1.  It's finally December and now my friends can't tell me that I celebrate too early, because it is the TIME to CELEBRATE which I will be with my husband seeing A Christmas Carol at the Lindenwood Theater tonight!

December 2.  My husband and I went to the Symphony to hear part of the Nutcracker music, which always evokes such memories of our family going to see the Nutcracker every year with our daughter in Kansas City.

December 3.  My husband had a trip planned so I went to the tree lighting in our neighborhood alone, which is hard but still fun, seeing the faces of the children made it all worth it!

December 4.  Off to see our neighborhood homes all decorated for Christmas in our annual homes tour which is easily one of my most favorite events of the season!

December 5.  I am learning how much more I get done with a list.  I know I have said this many times but I still don't seem to listen to myself.

December 6.  I serve on a city wide commission to promote the city through social media and this was the first meeting I felt like I made a true contribution!

December 7.  In Jefferson City today and had dinner with the best women I know, and how I love being there with them!

December 8.  Spent some time at one of my collaborative work schools and it warmed my heart to see how hard they were working so close to Christmas!!

December 9.  Got my hair cut, colored and styled and during the whole process I was wondering how long I plan to continue to color my hair.

December 10.  So busy getting ready to leave for Orlando and wouldn't you know it, I am starting to feel a bit under the weather.

December 11.  In sunny sunny Orlando and I couldn't be happier!!

December 12.  I know I am coming down with something and I plan to see a doctor while on vacation.

December 13.  Acute upper respiratory infection:  GO. AWAY.

December 14.  Still laying around nursing this awful mess of a cold.

December 15.  I don't care how bad I feel, I will go to the Very Merry Christmas Party tonight.

December 16.  The party was fantastic, I am feeling a lot better and today we will hit Epcot!

December 17.  I am worn out but I want to go to Universal Studios and see the Macy's balloons.

December 18.  Leaving for home and I feel kinda like I didn't have a vacation but I did have a great time for the three days I could participate.

December 19.  I am so grateful to be home after all  that Frontier Airlines put us and several hundred people through on Sunday.

December 20.  Bob is super sick with the flu and got Tamiflu, a steroid shot, two kinds of med for the cough.

December 21.  Met with my book club and had lunch with a beautiful friend and was so happy to exchange gifts with her!

December 22.  Ashley and Eric are coming in, Bob is still very sick, Truman and Wilson are getting groomed, we still have presents to buy and wrap.

December 23.  Headed to Columbia to see Bob's brother and family and to celebrate Christmas by playing games, seeing the Magic Tree, eating out and exchanging gifts.

December 24.  Traveling to Marceline to see my mom since my sister has the flu and can't make it.

December 25.  Home again and we will have our breakfast, open gifts and say good bye to Ashley and Eric as they go to Jefferson City to be with his family.

December 26.  The movie fest begins with SING!

December 27.  Today we saw La La Land and Jackie.

December 28  We saw Fences (whoa, Denzel, you are amazing!)

December 29.  Today we saw Rogue One and loved it!

December 30.  Finally found and purchased the living room cocktail and end tables that we had been searching months for!

December 31.  So happy to see 2016 slip away, with all the sadness surrounding so many deaths of icons around the world.

Happy 2017!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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