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Peach Basil Iced Tea #summerfunseries

Let's focus on a summer drink:  TEA.  Yes, everyone has their own idea of this summer drink. Should it be brewed?  Sweetened? Unsweetened? Steeped?  Anyway you love it, I am going to even enhance it even more!

Drinking tea invokes many summertime memories.  I remember when sun tea was all the rage and my parents had a bit jar sitting on the sun on our front porch. We always had Lipton tea bags on the ready to make this summer treat.

I am so excited to participate in an event hosted by Emily of  Life Sew Savory.   Summer themed posts will appear each Friday through the summer, full of recipes, crafts, activities, and games. Check her blog weekly to see what is going on!

This week we are featuring Summer Food.  I am happy to share this theme with three other bloggers, Reesa from MommaLew,  April from Momma Loves Food and Krista from Far From Normal.  Check out their blogs to see what their offerings are!

First make your tea however you like it.  If you are a suntea fan, make up a batch.  If you brew your tea and then cool it down, so be it. Make it the way you love it.

Then, using this chart, mix and match the fruit and the herbs to make a spectacular ice tea that is perfect for sipping in the hot sun.  Here's my creation:

To make this tea concoction, I sliced a peach in half, then in half again. That means you have two fourths.  Chop up one of the fourths into small pieces.  Add to a shaker. Pour in your tea and some ice cubes. Chop up a large leaf of basil and add it to the shaker.  Shake hard for 30 seconds.  Fill a glass with Sonic ice, or your ice of choice.  Pour the tea over the ice.  Garnish with the remaining fourth of peach and some basil. Head to your front porch and drink up!

Just to make it a bit more fun, I have created this printable tea chart of ideas to get you started.  I know you will be thrilled with your creations!

Check out all the other fun themes through out the summer by checking in each Friday with Emily!

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