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Color My World~Purple #PBColorMyWorld

Purple is such an interesting color, because it is rarely seen in nature. It's the most powerful wavelength in the rainbow, akin to x-rays and gamma rays.  It is very likely our prehistoric ancestors never even saw the color purple, because it is so rare in nature.

Because it is so rare, royalty were the only ones who could afford the dyes to color their robes. It took a lot of shellfish to get enough dye just for one garment.  The color is associated with heroism (think Purple Heart),  children's shows (Barney and Teletubby!) and luxury.

In my garden, I like to use purple as an accent. The rich colors are perfect with the lighter yellows and pinks that I also like to use.  I really enjoy the rich purples of the Wave petunia, which I have discussed in this post earlier this month.  The regular Wave comes in purple classic and misty lilac, both which I used in my garden.  We also love clematis, which usually bears a purple blossom, although they do come in other colors.

Deepest purple is at the very end of the driftwood and the lightest closest tot the white.
I loved this post by Lee about the 12 Shades of Purple to use in your garden! What a wonderful and beautiful post!  Using the color purple can be a beautiful accent in any garden!

Do you use purple in your garden?  Are you one of those people who cannot stand purple? Tell us what you think about the color purple!

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