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Project Beautiful's Garden Party #projectbeautiful

Summer is the perfect time to have a party in your backyard or garden.  Summer flowers are in full bloom, the shade trees are fully leafed out, and there is a magic time between dusk and night time where the breeze picks up and fireflies come out-summer party time!

My friends from Project Beautiful and I have come together to share with you some of our best links for entertaining in our backyards and gardens. There are some really fabulous ideas shared with you!

Our garden party would start with our outdoor dining table.  Beautiful plates (these are melamine from Pier 1!) are a must. I bought one plate in each of the colors they had, and can mix and match colors for the event I am creating. I am using pastels for this one!  Flowers are a must, and this flower centerpiece is filled with flowers from my new cutting garden created for me by my husband!  I love having flowers available for me at an instant!

Once your table is the way you like it, bring out the goodies!

Our drink is this simple citrus water.  Fresh filtered water is poured over a sliced orange, lemon and lime and allowed to sit a bit to mix the flavors.  No sugar is needed!

The menu for events like this can be just about anything you'd like.  From shared plates, salads or even a full meal, anything is appropriate, depending on what your goal is.  My friends all like to contribute, so often parties like this turn into a potluck!

The best part about a garden party is that things can be relaxed and informal. I'm using melamine plates (fancy word for plastic!) the flowers are fresh cut from my own yard, the drink is just fancied up water and my friends are helping with the food.  There really is no excuse for not putting together a garden/patio/backyard party right now!

Please visit our other Project Beautiful bloggers listed below and read about their parties as well!

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