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Picnic at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

There's something wonderful in a perfect June evening that calls for an impromptu picnic. Without a second thought, we headed to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to enjoy the annual members picnic and a picnic dinner for two.  Fun, romantic and deliciousness.

The member's picnic happens once a year and is a family event. We love seeing all the children running around and getting balloon animals and face paintings. Everyone brings a picnic dinner and the food ranges from Chic-Fil-A to beautiful homemade spreads.  MoBot (as it is affectionately called) also provides a hot meal you can purchase. 

My husband picked up our favorite picnic treat of King Edward's Chicken from near the University along with sides of green beans and cole slaw.  I love their green beans, hot or cold.  Along with the chicken came delicious hot rolls.

Once we arrived, we packed our gear and headed to the amphitheater to hear a band called The Root Diggers. They played a lively blend of Ozark and Appalachian music that the kids danced and wiggled to all through the event.  We unpacked our delicious chicken and sides, filled our plates and listened to the music, while watching kids and families have a grand time!

We highly recommend joining the Missouri Botanical Gardens if you live in the Saint Louis area. The special events are are always top notch and the gardens are gorgeous.  Right now there is a Glass in the Gardens exhibit all through the gardens. From what I saw, it is amazing!

Tell me about a public garden you love and what your favorite picnic foods are!

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