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A Sentence A Day ~May

I did it!  A year's worth of writing a sentence a day!  It has been so fun!  Looking back on this activity, I have decided to continue my journal another year. I would love to have some like minded folks with me on my journey.  If you are interested, consider joining my Facebook group and let's work together!

Here are the past months renditions: For past editions of the A Sentence A Day journaling, check out these links: MayJuneJuly,  AugustSeptember,  October NovemberDecember, January 2017February 2017, March 2017, and April 2017.

A Sentence A Day Journal Writing

May 1  Our New Town book club met to discuss our chosen book, and as I was with them, realized how powerful it is to be with people who have a similar experience (a book) but different takes on it.

May 2.  I drove to Columbia for work today and while I was gone, my husband picked up my new car!  

May 3.  Our Life Love and Lattes group that meets on Wednesdays has grown so much larger, but instead of missing the closeness and intimacy of the group, I am finding that my capacity for love is growing right along with it!

May 4.  Ashley and Eric came home and that says more than anything I could write about!

May 5.  CELEBRATE with me as I NO LONGER have to take CHEMO for breast cancer after seven and one half years!!!!

May 6.  Had the most delightful day with my husband, eating at an outdoor cafe, shopping for flowers, shopping for the garden, planting flowers and then grilling lunch for the two of us.

May 7.  We are hosting 16 people at our house today for a wine tasting party and I am so excited to share our love of entertaining with a set of our friends!

May 8.  I went shopping for a new pair of jeans and was able to purchase them in a size smaller than before!

May 9.  I spent the day in Columbia, first saying good bye (again) to my friend and colleague, Michael Auer, as he leaves us in June to head to Springfield and then to spend time with my friends in Jefferson City, where I was gifted a Hummel by my dear friend, Linda.

May 10.  It was fun to have lunch with my book study friends at a new place close to home.

May 11.  Getting a mani and pedi for my big alumni weekend this weekend: 40 years ago I graduated from Marceline High School!

May 12.  What a most amazing night with my high school friends, as we toured my tiny hometown via school bus to see all the changes that have occurred over 40 years.

May 13.  The picnic, pictures, banquet, and dance, along with hours of conversation with my darling friends, has made me so extremely happy and so grateful for my upbringing!

May 14.  We took my Aunt Patsy (Oliver) Peck and my mom out to lunch at AJ's Eat and Drink in Moberly for a wonderful brunch, then said goodbye to all as we headed home to St. Charles.

May 15.  Still on a reunion high from seeing most of my high school buddies this past weekend, but missed some key players: Laura Walker, Myra DeWeese, Carrie Corbett, Mary Flynn, Sam Guthrie, Ron Wright, Rick Noah, and so many others.

May 16.  I went to a wonderful garden show yesterday and met up with some Missouri bloggers, which I am hoping turns into a networking opportunity!

May 17.  Today is my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's anniversary, number 42, and we wish them many many more!

May 18.  I spent the day working on how to best train mentors to help their beginning teacher mentees, and I really believe we have got a handle on it!

May 19.  Finished the meeting on beginning teacher training and then headed to Columbia to pick up training packets for my other job, 150 total!

May 20.  Today is all about getting ready for Cabo, and a little detour to see our friends Sarah and Clay get married in a vineyard!

May 21.  We got up very early to head to the airport to fly to Cabo San Lucas, via Chicago!

May 22.  The four of us rented a car and drove to Todos Santos, the home of Hotel California, did some shopping, sight-seeing and ate some truly delicious Mexican fare.

May 23.  Last night at dinner at The Hacienda, we got to experience hundreds of bat mantas flying out of the water and belly flopping on the sea, making this huge slap sound!

May 24.  Our first day as "all inclusive" and our bartender kept bringing us cocktail after cocktail and finally we told him our favorite was The Brown Monkey!

May 25.  No day trips, just reading and sunning, drinking Brown Monkeys and eating great food!

May 26.  Today was Bob's 59th birthday and he celebrated in Cabo with his family at a lovely seafood restaurant and they gave him a delicious cake and sang to him!

May 27.  Coming home was a long 14 hour trip but it was so worth each and every minute of it!

May 28.  First day home from vacation, lots of laundry and catching up with family and friends!

May 29. The morning and most of the afternoon was gorgeous with soft breezes and sunshine, and Bob outdid himself with making onion bombs and blueberry glaze for the chicken thighs!

May 30.  The busy season of training principals to evaluate their teachers has started and I loved getting to work with education practitioners in our state!

May 31.  Day two of training is already a bit easier, and so far the count is up to 40 administrators who have had training for next year!

Many of you have stated that you want to do this, so consider joining my low pressure Facebook group.  We will create the rules as we go, and support one another as we play with words!

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