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A Defense of Honor #ourgoodlifebooklist

A Defense of Honor, by Kristi Ann Hunter, is a new series of Regency fiction that I am sure you will love, especially if you are a fan! Kristi explores interesting topics, such as blackmail (in the name of God) and illegitimate children. Set in a time when unmarried women found themselves pregnant and out in the streets, this novel does a wonderful job of showing how it was for these women.

I received this book from Netgallery in exchange for a review of my honest opinion.

We meet the main characters, Kit and Lord Wharton, when Wharton sees Kit hiding behind a plant at a ball. Curious about her, Wharton goes to speak to her and enters into a lively and short conversation. From there, the two find their lives becoming more and more intertwined when the sister of Wharton's best friend disappears and he sets out to find her.

What Wharton finds is that Kit is the head of a household of women and children who have been abandoned by their fathers and lovers due to an unexpected, out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Kit has a way of making those fathers and lovers pay for the keeping of the women and children.  He finds their hideaway home, deep into the countryside, and learns the drive and determination of Kit to keep the children safe at all costs.

Kit's hardness to Lord Wharton is overcome when she realizes that he is as determined to help the children as she is.  Kit finds that she is drawn to this kind and gentle nobleman.  The rest you are going to have to read for yourself!

The author does a beautiful job of creating characters that we love, even when they do things they shouldn't. We find ourselves forgiving, and then wondering if we should be forgiving those in our life who have done us wrong. Kristi draws us into the story by playing with our emotions toward the wonderful children and women in her care, the delightful insights they learn about each other and the details of farm life that Kit has learned to do since leaving her own noble background.

I enjoyed the book, and plan to read the next in the series. I want to see what happens between Kit and Lord Wharton and what becomes of some other characters I am intrigued by.  If this book interests  you, please consider purchasing it through the link below.  The book cost stays the same for you, but I get a tiny commission for the blog.  Thank you!

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