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Rustic Scrambled Eggs with Chef Sammy French Onion Butter

This butter has changed my life.

Ok, I know it is dramatic. But this is a true story and I'm sticking to it.

I received this butter for free in exchange for creating a recipe with it and sharing it with you.  I received two flavors of Chef Sammy Butter: Garlic Butter and French Onion Butter.  Both are delicious and so easy to use. They soften quickly for a spreadable butter that tastes marvelous in so many dishes.

Here's where the life change comes in.

I was making breakfast and found I was out of my regular butter.  I looked for a replacement and decided to try the French Onion butter.  I melted the butter, cracked in the eggs and stirred until done.  I served them to my family and they were astonished at how delicious the eggs were!  Now that's not much of a recipe, so I decided to use the recipe below as the basis for my new breakfast eggs.

Let's see if it is life changing for you.

Yield: 4

Rustic Scrambled Eggs with Chef Sammy French Onion Butter

prep time: cook time: total time:


8 eggs
2 T heavy cream
1/2 c shredded parmesan cheese
2 T Chef Sammy French Onion Butter
2 T chopped herbs (we like dill)


Heat skillet on medium.  Crack all eight eggs into a bowl.  Add cream, cheese, and herbs.  With a fork, break the yolks and stir gently.  You should be able to see whites and yolks separately.  In a skillet, melt the butter.  Add the eggs and cook until your desired doneness.  Serve hot.
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Since it is a life changing event, Chef Sammy is offering a 10% off sale at their site with this code:  10BUTTER10 .  It is good through July 4.  Stock up, this butter is GOOD.  Chef Sammy Butters are clean labeled (Gluten-free, Kosher, Contain no rbST (growth hormones,) no MSG, contains only 100% Real® Butter) and with no oils.  To my Keto friends, this butter is Keto friendly!  The shelf life on these butters is crazy!!  Look at the info below:

"Our testing on shelf life of Chef Shamy butter began several years ago when I left a container of sealed garlic butter on my counter for 3 months and then sent it to the Food Sciences Division of Utah State University for testing. The butter tested good for 6 more months at that time. That is what gives rise to our 1 year shelf life (unopened) after manufacture. That said, here are the numbers and my suggestions:

Good up to 2 years frozen (can be refrozen and re-refrigerated)

Good up to 1 year unopened in your fridge

Good up to 6 months after opening in your fridge if you use clean utensils

Good up to several weeks after opening on your counter. The time it will remain usable on your counter depends on

ambient temperature
cleanliness of utensils
type of butter (garlic does the best as it contains the following bacterial inhibitors: Salt, Pepper and Garlic (which has been acidified with vinegar)

Lemon dill Sautee butter should be refrigerated after each use as it tends to go rancid after a few days on your counter.The long and short of it is, if you are going to use it up (like I do) it is easier to use at room temperature. If you are going to have it around for 6 months I would definitely refrigerate between uses. That will give you a longer shelf life and a fresher taste. I have had Chef Shamy butter (honey and garlic) that stayed on my counter top for weeks at a time. But the quality and flavor (like any butter) degrades over time."

Fabulous product that you will want again and again!  These butters are also fabulous gifts for new neighbors, Christmas, and to take to a hostess of a party.  Bookmark this post for those future events!

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