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The Draughtsman's Damsel #ourgoodlifebooklist

I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

I do love historical fiction, so when I was approached to read this book and offer my critique, it was easy to say yes. I have high expectations for my historical fiction writers.  Let's see if author Emily Klein can make the mark.

First, was a draughtsman a real thing? It seems that it is, and draughtsman is the English version of a drafter, as used in the US.  Girls weren't often, if at all, draughtsmen so this is a highly unusual occupation of a noblewoman in the Tudor times.

The book starts in Calais, France, a ferry spot to England. Since our architect, his wife and their daughter do make their way across the English Channel, this seems to be a clear connection. Throughout the book the Duke is building a palace (could it be the Notre Dame church?) and wants it to be of the Golden Ratio.

While we are in England with the family, the daughter is allowed to study mathematics, history and other meatier subjects than art and embroidery. She exceeds in her studies, and is allowed to help her father with his work.  After a crazy matrimonial match that falls apart, the father and daughter return to Calais, where the daughter is allowed to work on the construction of the new palace. It is she who discovers the errors that the mason is making, thus getting him fired and her becoming the target of jealousy. 

To learn of the ending, please read the book!  

I enjoyed the writing style the author employed. It put me right in the middle of England.  The setting was well described, but lacking historical details. I found the characters to be exciting and full of life. Supporting the daughter and her father throughout the book was easy.  I was extremely fond of Belle as she was a feminist long before her time. What I found lacking was the political tug-of-war that was so prevalent during this time. I find that tedious and easy to skip over. That's a personal preference, no fault of the author.

About the Author

Emily Klein is an author of historical romance novels set in medieval times. She is a staunch anglophile, with a keen interest in anything and everything British, and a fierce love for the English language and all its dialects. She also has an  interest in history, including but not limited to, medieval history. Emily also enjoys antiques and vintage clothing. In short, if it is part of history, Emily Klein will find it intersting.

In her novels, Emily Klein strives to delve into her characters' thoughts, feelings and true psychological motives, based on their personalities, pasts and societies in which they operate. Finding motivates and helping people as they strive to solve their life issues is no strange matter to Emily, who is also a trained social worker.

Emily lives in Israel with her husband, two young daughters and her little dog named Tofu.

I certainly enjoyed the book and would be happy to read another by the same author. If you would like to purchase this book, please consider doing so by using the link below. I will receive a small commission (which does not raise your price, by the way.)  Thank you!

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