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Favorite Fall Essential Oil Blends

Fall is such a great time for fall essential oil blends. I love the different scents that remind me of fall, and, I have some recipes that might help you hold back those fall colds that sneak up on us!  I use both Young Living and Do Terra oils, as they both are high quality oils. What are your favorites? Do you have favorites for other seasons, like oil blends for the summer or the holiday season?

My last list was Essential Oils for Sleeping and it was very popular! I made a handy printable to download so you can keep it by your diffuser.  We love falling asleep to our favorite scents!

These fall essential oils blends will be perfect for daytime use.  They fill my house with delightful scents that make me feel like fall is indoors!  I love to diffuse these when I have guests over. They make the house feel extra cozy in the fall.

Do you use essential oils?  What are your favorites?  Be sure to look for high quality oils, where ever you decide to purchase. Only the best for our family and friends!

Want to make these air fresheners?  Here's what to do:  In a 2 oz spritzer bottle, triple the amount of drops and put them in the bottle.  Fill to the shoulder with distilled water.  Cap.  Shake before using.  The bottle below are perfect for this as they have a fine misting spray.  (P.S. Excellent for gift giving!)

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