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Curb Appeal: Making an Old Home Look New

There’s definitely a charm to old homes; the nooks and crannies, the unusual layout of the rooms, the feeling that the walls have seen so much life between them over the years. But not all older homes are pretty little cottages, many are brutal looking builds which can put you off the incredible home that lies within. But don’t judge a book by its cover, if you fall in love with an older home but don’t love the way it looks on the outside then there’s plenty you can do to make it your style. Here are some ideas.

Find the right home
Finding the right home in the first place is key, you need something that you’re able to get planning permission to change, and also something that has potential. Consider the space the home has outside, and have a look at the neighbours to see what changes they’ve made to theirs as it can give you some clues about what to do with yours and what’s likely to get approved by the council. It's easy to sell your home without a realtor so once you have your current home on the market you have the fun job of searching for the perfect project.
The first way you can make a big difference to the look of an older home, and give it a modern spin is by extending. How about a large glass extension out the back where you can move your kitchen to? It will be spacious and ultra light and bright. Most old homes were built with very small kitchens since the trend back then was for small kitchens and larger living spaces. Modern living however tends to favour large, open plan kitchens that allow us to cook and entertain at the same time so this is something to consider. If the house is an odd shape or doesn’t look pleasing on the outside, adding an extension to the front can help to even things out and give it an overall more aesthetic appearance.
Is the old home you’re buying built with ugly stained brick, concrete covering or pebble dashing? These kinds of unattractive coverings can really spoil the overall look of a home. However, it’s an easy fix- either paint, render or panelling can cover the external walls and completely transform the look of the house. Spend some time considering what kind of look is best and the overall vibe you want to create with your home. Do you want it to look rustic and cosy, or modern and glam? Do you want to give a nod to the era the home was built in? These are all things that will affect your colour choices and materials used.
New windows and doors. 
If the home you’re buying hasnt had new windows in a while then this is something you’ll need to change anyway. But as well as being warmer and safer, new windows can help to improve the kerb appeal of your home too. Again, you’ll want to choose colours and materials that fit with the rest of the look you’re aiming for with the renovation. Whether it’s sliding windows, casement style windows or stunning wooden framed windows these will all impact the overall appearance of the home. A new front door and garage door will also bring a fresh new look to the home, again spend some time thinking about the colour as it will make a big difference to the overall look. Will you go with a soft pastel, a bold shade, white or plain black?
Update the fences
Finally, the fencing around your garden can be another way to improve kerb appeal and help to tie everything together. Whether it’s a wall in a matching style to your home or some kind of fence, a new surrounding can help to make the old home look stylish and well cared for. Then you have the fun task of filling your garden with gorgeous flowers and really bringing it to life! You could add hanging baskets or pots next to the door, or add a trellis and climbing roses around the door if it suits the style of the home too.
What sort of changes would you make to an older style property to bring it up to scratch?

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