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It's Storm Season-Be Prepared

When the cold season arrives, you know you’re in for a challenge. Unlike the other seasons, the weather becomes a foe that you must meet head-on, every day. It's only for about 3 months, but it can feel like a lifetime when you’re suffering the consequences of not manning a proper home defense. The key concerns are wind and water damage. The heavy-gust winds will tear bits off your home, while floods will slowly destroy your home from the inside out. Both forces of nature cause millions of dollars of damage every single year. It's your job as a responsible homeowner, to not become a victim of winter’s rage. Here are the things you should prepare for.

Shattered glass security solutions

For any home, the weakest point is the windows. The large structures on their own are fine, but a window is essentially a large hole in the house that has been filled with a glass and PVC structure. If the fitting is not properly made or has weakened over time, you create small air pockets. When wind slams into the home, it rushes into these pockets, expanding rapidly and potentially bending the frame. Gusty winter winds can pick up little bits of debris and or pebbles and slam them into the glass, shattering the panes. Therefore, collapsible folding security grilles should be fitted to your window frames. These will protect your home from intruders while you’re away at work. It might take a couple days to get the glass refitted, in the meantime, this will stop your house from being burgled. 
Preventing further damage

Besides the windows, the roof is the only area that bears the worst of any storm. Gale force winds can rip a hole in your roof incredibly quickly. All that’s needed to get it started, is one loose tile or shingle. As these are layered, one on top of the other, when one goes a whole section or row flies off too. If you can see a hole being made in your roof, emergency roofing services should be called upon as soon as possible. The team of roof repair specialists will arrive on the scene, assess the damage from the inside and outside and begin to make repairs. Whether it's wind, hail or water damage, they will quickly take off the damaged parts, lay a new foundation if needed and fit brand new tiles, stronger than before. It's advised to call these specialists even during a storm, as they’re on call 24/7.
Secure any loose ends

Storms can arrive in mere minutes, not giving you enough time to put all the loose items in your garden away. Take the time now to store your lawnmower in your garage, move the patio furniture indoors, and any individual flower pots need to be brought inside too. Leave nothing to chance, any loose items in the garden must be stored somewhere, where the wind cannot utilize them as projectiles.

Temporary security grilles are an excellent way to shield your home from intruders from heavy gusts of wind that shatter windows. If a patch of shingles or tiles has disappeared after a storm, call in the emergency repairmen to work their magic, any time of day or night.

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