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10 Tips To Protect Your Home From Burglars

Nobody wants to have their home burgled. By taking certain precautions, you can usually ward off potential crooks or catch them in the act. Here are just 10 tips worth following when it comes to securing your home against burglary.

Upgrade old locks
Locks that are worn or old-fashioned could be an easy target for burglars. Such locks are likely to be easy to pick or break open. By adopting newer locks, you can make it much harder for burglars to break-in. A locksmith will be able to fit these new locks for you.
Obscure your windows
A lot of burglars will look through windows to check if there are any valuables worth stealing before attempting a break-in. Obscuring your windows could prevent these burglars from looking in.

Blinds or net curtains could be on way to do this. Both options can still allow natural light in while offering privacy from outsiders. You could even opt for plantation shutters.

Residential window tinting is another option. There are specialist residential window tinting services that you can call upon to install these windows. This tint could help to prevent people from looking in while still allowing you to still look out.
Hide valuables from view
Burglars generally only target a home if there are valuables worth stealing. While obscuring windows can stop most of your valuables being seen, there could be other ways in which you could be advertising your precious possessions to burglars.

For instance, you may want to hide away expensive equipment in your backyard such as barbeques or bicycles. Hiding this under a tarpaulin or in a shed could prevent burglars from catching sight of them. You may also want to be careful of leaving empty boxes for new TVs outdoors – this will tell burglars that you have a TV worth stealing.
Lock your shed

Sheds can contain valuable tools and equipment that could be worth guarding. Make sure that your shed door is locked so that these valuable items can’t be easily accessed. Consider adding a strong padlock to your shed door. It’s also important that your shed is kept in good condition – if the door is hanging off its hinges, it could make an easy target.
Don’t hide your home’s entrance
A high hedge or a wall outside the front of your home could offer privacy, which may deter some burglars. However, it could also be used against you. Neighbors and passers-by won’t be able to see the entrance to your home because of the hedge or wall. This could make it possible for a burglar to break into your front door without being detected by neighbors. By lowering that wall or hedge so that onlookers can see the front of your home, you’ll make it harder for burglars to attempt a break-in without being seen.
Install outdoor lighting
A lot of burglars strike at night when it’s harder to be detected. Installing outdoor lighting could help to illuminate any burglar that tries to come near so that they’ll think twice about breaking in. Motion sensing lighting is a good option as it only turns on when triggered by movement – you won’t waste as much energy. This could be worth installing around the front and back of your home.
Consider a burglar alarm
A burglar alarm is a common way to fend off thieves. This could prevent people from entering your home without knowing a code – fail to enter this code an alarm will be triggered. Some alarms can alert you on your phone when triggered and others can even send calls out to local police. Burglar alarms have the added bonus of lowering home insurance rates. There are many designs of burglar alarm, so it’s worth shopping around.
Consider a security camera
A security camera could record footage of any break-in that does take place so that you can catch the culprit more easily. In most cases, simply having a security camera in a visible place could deter thieves.

Modern security cameras can be accessed via your phone so that you can always keep surveillance on your property from wherever you are in the world. There are also cameras that can be triggered by doorbells so that when someone rings your door you can see who they are before you answer.
Use dummy deterrents
There are a lot of false deterrents that you can use to trick burglars into not targeting your home. When going out in the evening, you could consider leaving a light on in your living room or possibly leaving the TV on. This could make it seems as if there’s still someone home.

A ‘beware of the dog’ sign could also be an effective deterrent – even if you don’t have a dog. Most burglars won’t attempt to break into a home if there could be an aggressive dog in there.

You can also buy dummy security cameras to deter burglars. While the real thing is a much better option, this could be a budget alternative that may still have the power to scare away crooks.
Avoid oversharing on social media
Many burglars are now using social media to choose their targets. A lot of us are prone to oversharing information on these platforms – sharing your address, sharing photographs of your home’s interior and then sharing a live status about being on vacation could be a fatal combination as it tells burglars where your house is, what’s in it and when to target it.
Changing your privacy settings so that only friends can see your posts could help to reduce the threat of burglary. You should also be careful of accepting friend requests from strangers as these could just be burglars in disguise looking for such information.

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