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Mykonos – the romantic heaven

Mykonos (Greece) is a very popular destination for couples of all ages. You may have already heard that many couples from around the world organize their wedding on the island. The truth is Mykonos has everything it takes for a romantic wedding - beautiful sunsets, idyllic churches, luxurious facilities and the best wedding reception services. 

Many couples choose Mykonos to spend their holidays and relax into a romantic, elegant environment, full of amazing opportunities to have fun, spend some quality time together and bond with each other.

Here is a short guide for couples visiting Mykonos for the first time. The second time you will already know what to do!

- Rent your private fabulous Villa

Mykonos luxury villas offer the best accommodation for lovers. In a Mykonos villa rental you will have everything you need to enjoy some dreamy vacations with your beloved one – such as spacious, lavishly decorated rooms, balconies with sun loungers to watch the sunsets, beautiful gardens with swimming pools and Jacuzzis. Most luxury villas in Mykonos offer a high level of privacy which most couples will find very attractive.

Make sure to book your favorite villa early, as the best ones are reserved fast. This way you will save a lot of money and you will have plenty of time to organize the details of your trip.

- Discover idyllic beaches for couples

Mykonos has a lot of noisy, party beaches which made the island famous to the world. But it also has some virgin, secluded ones where a couple can relax and enjoy the gorgeous landscapes. Some of the best beaches for couples are:

Lia beach is the most serene sandy beach of the island. Partly organized, it never gets overcrowded and has some nice romantic places for a meal. It is surrounded by rocks which protect the visitors from the winds and offer a great opportunity for scuba diving.

Elia beach is perfect for gays and nudists but also attracts a lot of couples of any kind. It is the biggest beach in Mykonos and you can always find some space for you and your lover.

Agrari is one of the most quiet and idyllic beaches on the island. A beautiful, Cycladic chapel just above the sand welcomes visitors.

Fokos beach is one of the last virgin beaches in Mykonos. Sometimes it gets very windy but if you visit Fokos on a calm day you will be amazed by the nature and the wonderful landscapes. Fokos is also nudist friendly.

- Try spa therapies for couples

Mykonos has some of the best spa centers offering all kinds of spa therapies. Elegant environment, experienced therapists and the top quality of the products used, will ensure you will have the perfect spa experience. You can book a private couple spa treatment and indulge in relaxation and euphoria for a few hours. Most spa centers offer couples massage, body scrubs, facial treatments, Jacuzzis and pools with different essential oils and minerals, private suites, hammams and saunas.

- Personalized services

While you are looking for the perfect Mykonos villa to rent take a look to the concierge services available. You will definitely find some of them are just made for you and your other half. Here are some recommendations.

· Private chef and private butler for a romantic, delicious dinner in your own villa or room.

· Limousine rental with a driver for stylish and private transportations everywhere on the island.

· Private yacht rental with skipper and crew, to take you to the most romantic beaches and watch the sunset on board.

· Private fine dining next to the sea or the pool. Many gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels offer this option to their guests.

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  1. Mykonos is getting more romantic every year! I cant wait for the summer


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