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6 Exterior Home Maintenance Chores For Your Checklist

When the weather's nice it’s the perfect time to make a start on your exterior home maintenance chores. Boosting your curb appeal takes a little time and effort, but it’s well worth it to achieve beautiful results.

1 . Inspect your roofing

First up, it’s important to inspect your roof and your gutters every once in a while. Look out for any shingles that are curling, broken, or cracked. You may be able to replace these yourself without calling in an expert. You should be able to source the parts you need whether it’s replacement shingles or ridge caps for metal roofs. With that being said, the safe and smart route is to leave situations more serious than this to a roof replacement companyYou should also clear any debris out of your gutter. These build-ups can lead to leaks, dampness, and foundation damage.  A good roof replacement company will be able to spot these immediately.

2. Inspect doors and windows

If your windows and doors are drafty, you’ll lose heat and waste money on your energy bills. Check the edges and use caulk to seal any gaps. If you’re not able to fix the issue with caulk, it might be time to consider an update. Triple glazed windows are the most energy-efficient option plus these windows are more secure and durable than any other kind.

3. Paint your fences

There’s nothing like a newly painted fence to brighten up the exterior of your home. Make sure you clean your fence before you give it a paint job. Try using an eco-paint for a healthier and earth-friendly option. If you prefer a natural look, try a fence stain instead of paint. A fence stain will protect your fence, without changing the appearance of the wood.

4. Clean your driveway

Our driveways need plenty of TLC, so first pull up the weeds, then use a pressure washer to clean. If you’re thinking of updating your driveway, there are many different types of materials that you can choose from. Resin driveways are very popular this year, they are simple to maintain, contemporary, and provide a good level of drainage. Gravel driveways are another popular option, they are very easy to install and inexpensive.

5. Tidy your garden

To enhance your curb appeal, your front garden has got to be in tip-top shape. Get rid of any plants that are rotting, and replace them with a few new bulbs. Marigolds are one of the best flowers to plant in the summertime. Once the soil gets a little warmer, you can plant your seeds and see them bloom in just 7 weeks! Tithonia is another great flower to plant in the heat. It can grow up to 5 feet and helps to bring butterflies into your garden. Planting a lovely garden is one of the best ways to create a beautiful home.

6. Declutter your garage

Decluttering the garage is the number one job we all tend to avoid! Once it’s clean though, you can get the best use out of it. It’s likely that you’ve collected items in here that you no longer need. Make it your mission to find a better home for these things. Apps like ‘Decluttr’ can be useful to sell items that you no longer want.

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