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You Need To Try This Uplifting And Exuberant Interior Design

As we have all been so utterly consumed by the lockdown, we have almost forgotten of the big wide world out there. There are a few industries that have not ceased moving ahead and they are namely those that rely on seasonal trends; at least to some extent. Fashion, food, and interior design are the top 3 that have led the way forward into spring 2020. So what has become of the contemporary home, regarding this wonderful season for this year? Well, as you would have expected or hoped, it's remarkably upbeat and uplifting. We need it to be because our homes are so important to the way we live. They’re also important to the way we view the world. It's just as well then that the decor has become softer, bright yet not lost any of its elegance.

It's getting warmer

The white neutral has ruled for so long, it was only a matter of time before something toppled it from its throne. The two main contenders are warm cream and regal blue. The former seems to be winning the battle at the moment, as people are actually repainting their homes in a warmer tone of white. Eggshell cream is by far the most popular for walls. However, decor in Dutch Boy and Olympic creams are very popular as well. Dutch Boy cream is great for carpets as it's a little darker than Olympic cream, which is more resigned to furniture.
Consider getting the Sandy Sofa now at bobmillsfurniture.com. This incredibly comfortable sofa is made out of fabric rather than leather, which is excellent as leather is on it's way out. Its three-seat design is done in a classic style. It has curved armrests and middle-back support. However the cushions are so plump and comfortable, this is really a superb choice for a family home. The soft cream shade will go well with almost any dominant background color.

What’s the deal with blue?

You really have to be on top of things when it comes to the interior design world and all its trends. They seem to crop up out of nowhere but really, they always have a short backstory. Blue is making a large comeback because the neutrals and black have made the world a little too sharp, too jaded and too extreme in either or both ends of the spectrum. Blue is a color which is regal, grand, stylish, prominent, but it can be so easily implemented into your home.

Let's start off with baby blue sofa cushions. Get them in a material with a natural sheen, such as satin, silk or Egyptian cotton. You can also get blue pillowcases for your bedroom and blue bed sheets. If you're really daring, you can get blue curtains for your bathroom. Blue can be implemented in any room, which is what makes it so amazing. However, don’t be fooled by this as you can get it wrong. Blue area rugs are a big risk, as are blue chairs and sofas.

Another comeback kid

Just as with any domineering style, there’s always a rebel that wants to turn it upside down on its head. The traditional style has been given the cold shoulder by mainstream interior designers, for at least 30 years. However, because it's a warmer style, naturally, it's making a comeback. Earth tones are so welcoming in any home. Although as is convention, they are mainly for homes which are based in colder climates, for this year’s spring, any kind of warmth and uplifting is most welcome.
Try a walnut or dark varnish dining table for your home. Together with its traditional, elegant, wooden dining chairs with armrests, the traditional style brings a depth of curiosity, grandeur and suave. According to interior designer Marika Meyer from Meyer Interiors, cool tones are on their way out and shades that are warmer such as olive green, wine, ocher and chocolate brown are returning to places in our hearts.

The signs of new life

Natural ornamentation is something that can be deceptively easy. It's difficult to get just right, after all, you don’t want to look like a pretentious homeowner. The signs of new life will be easy to implement if you just follow the rules.
Natural ornamentation must pertain to a particular style; in this case, we’re paying homage to spring. So, go out to the park, go out into your garden and pick up the following things. Nice bright new flower petals, twigs, plants such as tall grass and amigo. You can also get a stone or two from a stream, as the rush of springtime water will make them extra smooth from the river bank. Seashells, pebbles, giant leaves and perhaps an abandoned bird’s nest, are all things you can place around the home. Use your side table, coffee table, dining room, living room shelves and in the window sills. Don’t do too much, you don’t want to overcrowd your home. A well done theme should be thoughtful, not driven by sheer quantity.

Lighter and yet practical

Eco-sustainability in homes has become a big deal. Interior designers are aware of the fact that millions of customers don’t want to fill their homes with synthetics anymore. They want something natural and practical. Hand-woven wicker baskets can be implemented all around the home in a very stylish manner. Pit a wicker bowl on your coffee table, which can house your coasters, plants and coffee table magazines.
A wicker basket side table would be fantastic for your living room. Very lightweight, the design allows for a lot of natural airflows and more visual freedom for the decor behind and around it. A wicker basket light shade is also something you should consider, as it's natural beige color would soften and warm your room’s ceiling light.

Colorful kitchens make you smile!

During spring, the kitchen holds a special place in our hearts. We make fresh food and awesome meals that will become memories for the future. So it's just as well then that the trend seems to be pushing for all kitchens to become brighter, happier and more jubilant this year. And, it's about time because we all need to be uplifted, considering the situation the world has been in.
Get a bright orange splashback, paint your tiles in a pastel yellow, get a refrigerator in turquoise green, or get a countertop that is bright green. Put LED door lights in your kitchen cupboards, so when you’re reaching for items inside, you can see quite clearly where everything is. You should also have brighter tea towels. Think banana yellow, aubergine purple and funky pink. Add color into your kitchen any way you can. A fresh bouquet of flowers, a bright painting or perhaps polish all your metal parts such as drawer handles, fridge handles, sinks and taps.

A light show

Ceiling lights have been feeling the heat lately, as some designers say they no longer serve a purpose. You can have multiple, smaller LED lights all around the room, rather than one giant light that can create lots of shadows. However, you can give the ceiling light a new reason to exist, with an oversized lampshade. Think about what kind of style you love, and get a large version of that item.

Consider a large Victorian lantern lampshade, made out of iron, painted black and long rectangular sheets of glass. You can also make a big show of your ceiling light by instead of having a singular bulb, get a chandelier. There are so many styles of chandelier to choose from, but something grand and bright for your dining room would bring dainty and starry light into your home.

Spring and rustic metal

When we think of brilliant and captivating springtime interior design, why does the farmhouse interior always spring to mind? It's because it was rustic, in tune with the wildlife and nature around the home. If you want something more rural and charmingly rough, copper, bronze and brass metals should reappear all across your home. Consider a copper sink with polished copper taps. How about brass handles for your drawers or bedposts? Bronze mirror frames or polished bronze figurines would bring an air of classic and even ancient interior design to your home.

Bronze is particularly good at taming light, so how about a side table lamp made from this debonair metal? A copper bathtub would be absolutely dashing in a springtime home. These sorts of rustic metals go well with the warmer tones of your home, making them a natural pick over steel and iron. They also have more personality and they look good being polished or left in a murky finish that doesn’t attract too much light to bounce off the surface.

Your interior should be uplifting at this time of the season, but more importantly this time of year now. We’re getting out of lockdown and back to nature. Let's introduce regal blue into our bedroom, brighter and jovial kitchens. Let's invest in wicker baskets for tables, light shades, bowls and chairs. Most of all, welcome warmer colors and shades back into the home and get rid of neutrals.

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  1. I love my rustic kitchen, but I am thankful when I add color as well.


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