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Ideas For Your First Big Post-Lockdown Group Vacation

A lot of us are going to be looking forward to finally having the opportunity to travel after spending so long in confinement. Others amongst us are looking forward to nothing more than meeting up with our friends again. While we shouldn’t rush into any plans to spend too much time with others if you’re looking at celebrating your future freedom in style, why not do it by having an adventure with your friends? To that end, here are a few ideas worth floating to the group.

Take a road trip

There are few kinds of travel experiences that can help you feel the freedom of traveling quite as well as a road trip. Whether you’re taking a single vehicle or a convoy, it’s the best way to cut costs while seeing a lot more land. Plus, the more people there are in the mix, the less likely that anyone is going to be complaining about boredom on the road since you can all keep each other entertained.

Rent a place on the beach

If you want to spend more time enjoying a destination rather than looking for one, then there are plenty of places that are more suitable for larger groups, as well. Finding a nice spacious beach to really feel the sun and the sea for the first time in months might be just what you need. Look at some of the local beach rentals that can accommodate larger numbers. When you’re splitting the costs of short-term rentals, it can all turn out to be very cost-effective, indeed.

Go camping together

How about having yourself a real return to nature? What could be better than getting together with your friends and having a real intimate journey together between the trees and under the stars? A lot of us have been coping with the stress of being stuck outdoors and being surrounded by greenery can undoubtedly be a big help with that. With the right 10 person group camping tent you can make sure you have plenty of space for everyone. If everyone pitches in on a group fund for camping supplies, it can make the trip supremely affordable for everyone involved, too.

Give yourself a city break

Perhaps you don’t want to get too far away from the luxuries of civilized life and, if anything, you want to get pampered and enjoy the entertainment, cuisine, and shopping that you haven’t had the chance for in ages. To that end, the city BNB market has long worked in favor of the property owners but, with them having been closed for so long, they might be reducing their prices steeply to attract short-term tenants. They need to make up for the money they’ve lost during the lockdown, meaning they might be more affordable than ever before.  Consider taking a limo around a city for a tour that's private and fun!  Try  https://www.limofind.com/ca/riverside-party-bus-rental/ for ideas and options!

If you’re looking at any future group vacation, then making sure that it’s both convenient and inexpensive enough for everyone will be your number one concern. Hopefully, these ideas help you fit both those criteria.

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