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Boost Your Home Aesthetic

If you have been giving your home a bit of a makeover during the lockdown, you have probably been spending time on your living spaces. Your interior might be minimalist heaven, a countrified vision of quirkiness, or a showhome extravaganza. However, have you considered the exterior of your home? While you might be more concerned about your bathroom suite or your living room carpet because this is where you spend most of your time, you still need to consider how your humble abode looks from the curb. You want to impress and have the exterior of your home living up to the rest of your creative style. Take a look at how you can boost your home aesthetic by focusing on your exterior style.


The render or brickwork of your home can have a huge impact on how pleasing your exterior is to the eye. With cracked pointing, missing bricks, or tired-looking render, your home can look drab and scruffy. Consider repainting your render a bright white rather than a murky beige to lighten your exterior. Alternatively, you could opt for a classic and stylish premium siding installation to give your home a provincial look. This won’t just make your pad look more aesthetically pleasing, it will also protect your home from the elements and keep you safer indoors.


If you are blessed with a long driveway and a front garden area, you might relish getting all green-fingered and planting some fuchsias, some scented heather, and some glorious roses. Don’t allow your borders to become full of weeds. This gives you a massive amount of work to do to get it clear and tidy. If you have a long driveway, make sure that you maintain it. The cracks that appear from the heat cannot be helped, but you can use a power washer to clear off the dirt and to blast away any moss or weeds.

Bins are the one thing that can make any home look a mess from the curb. Make sure your garbage cans are hidden away behind a well-placed shrub, or even better, in a shelter or cover. This will not only keep them out of sight, but it will also prevent the smells from permeating your immediate environment.


The windows to your home express the personality of your pad. Leaded diamonds across your glazing are more formal than the plain double glazing bay windows. Ensure that your glazing is clean. If your uPVC frames are looking a little warped, get them replaced, not just for aesthetic reasons but also to protect the integrity of your home from damp and drafts. Consider whipping up a few window boxes and fill them with colorful plants and foliage. Add some interior blinds, shutters or drapes to give a glimpse of the styling of your pad from the curbside.

Getting the exterior of your home to look smart doesn’t take too much effort and needn’t cost a small fortune.A

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