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Time for a Deep Clean? Use These Tips

If it’s about time for you to give your house a truly thorough and deep clean, it makes sense to learn some of the tricks of the trade before you get started. There are so many tricks and tips that’ll make your life easier as you start the process of cleaning your home from top to bottom.  Of course, if you'd rather, Calgary's top-rated cleaning services can do all these chores for you, saving you valuable time.


We’re going to discuss some of the most important ones and the ones you should consider making the most of if you want your home to be clean in a way that it might never have been before, like how Donovan’s Cleaning Company does it.  Read on now to learn more.

Start by Decluttering and Donating What You Don’t Need

The first thing you should do is declutter your home. It’s so much easier to properly clean your home when you’ve removed the clutter and items that don’t really need to be there. Have a thorough clearout and try to be harsh with the things that you no longer need. It’s often simply not necessary to keep hold of things that you haven’t used for a long time, so donate or sell what’s just taking up space and acting as clutter.

Use a Toothbrush to Reach Those Small Gaps

When you’re cleaning, you need to get all the gaps and spaces that are hard to reach. It’s often hard to get into those places, making it easy to just ignore them. But when you do that all the time, the grease, grime and dirt in those places simply builds up more and more over time. That’s not what you want to happen, but it’s an issue that can be resolved with the use of a toothbrush and some eco friendly cleaning products. It makes reaching those little tight spaces so much easier.

Wash Your Shower Curtain with Your Towels

One part of the bathroom that often gets ignored when you’re cleaning your home is the shower curtain. It can carry a lot of dirt and grime, even if it’s something hard to notice. The best way to clean it is in the washing machine, but if you wash it by itself, you’ll run the risk of creasing it and that’s not what you want. So you should put it together with towels and wash them together in the machine that way.

Coffee Filters Are Great for Cleaning Screens

These days, we all have a lot of screens in our home, and that means that you have a lot of things that need to be kept clean. This is a strange one but it’s a trick that really does work. You should take an unused coffee filter and use it to wipe down your screens. The filter material is great at picking up the dirt and dust, and it truly is the best item to use for cleaning screens, so ditch your old cloth that never seems to do the job properly; you don’t need it anymore.

Go Further with Your Carpet Cleaning

When cleaning your carpet, it really pays off to go further and to go a little deeper. Companies like Crystal Carpet Care can offer deep cleaning solutions and get to all that dirt that’s hard to reach with a vacuum cleaner alone. The sad truth is that vacuum cleaners simply don’t get as deep into your carpet as it should. Using a professional service will help you to get your carpets properly clean.

Learn How to Clean Your Mattress

Cleaning your mattress is another thing that often doesn’t get done in your home. You should think about changing that. Start by vacuuming the mattress to pull up any small bits of dirt that can be removed that way. Then after that, you can use an upholstery cleaning product that helps you to remove any stains that are present on the bed.

Use Baking Soda, Vinegar and Soap to Clean the Inside of Your Oven

The oven is one of the most difficult appliances to get clean in your home. It doesn’t have to be such a challenge though. All you need is baking soda, vinegar and some soapy water. It’ll cut through all of that burnt on dirt and grease pretty fast. You’ll be surprised how simple it is.  If you don't have necessary ingredients it's best to use eco friendly detergents from Amazon to ensure the safety and protection of you family.

Now is the ideal time to give your home a thorough deep clean, so as you approach that challenge, be sure to make the most of the tips and tricks we’ve discussed here today. Doing so will allow you to improve your home and its overall cleanliness in ways that you never thought possible.

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