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Create a Relaxing Bedroom for the Perfect Night's Sleep

Your bedroom should be a haven of peace. It’s the main place in the house you go to relax. It’s where you want to be most comfortable, and switch off from the stress and pressure of the day. Creating a relaxing bedroom is a sensory experience. For the perfect night’s sleep, you need to get the right light, sounds, and even smells.

Take care when designing your bedroom. Your comfort is vital to sleeping well. Make sure you invest in the right bedding and adjust the temperature of your room. There are even some clever interior design tricks to create a more relaxing environment. Turn your bedroom into an oasis of calm with these helpful tips.

Luxury bed

First things first, you need to get it right with the most important feature of the room, your bed. The perfect bed for you depends on your style. A solid or cushioned headboard adds a lot of comfort and support for example. It’s up to you to choose the best bed for your room. Always go for luxury, this is one area where it doesn’t pay to save money. Have a look around for offers on high-quality beds. If you think it might be time for an upgrade you can find Bedroom Furniture Discounts online.  Sites like Sleepify are great for finding reviews and deals on great mattresses.

Fresh pillow

It might only seem like a little thing but your pillow is actually very important, so don’t scrimp on this either. Invest in a properly supported, anti-allergen pillow, and you’ll notice the difference. Make sure you also choose the right pillow for your sleeping style. It’s also much better for you to keep your pillow fresh and clean, so don’t neglect your bedding when you do the laundry.

Bed linen

If you do have any allergies or sensitive skin, make sure you get the correct material for your bedding. Opt for natural materials such as cotton, and don’t just choose the cheapest brand. You don’t need to pay for the highest thread count in the world, but your bed linen will make a difference to your quality of sleep.  We recently discovered bamboo sheets and we are IN. LOVE.  They are soft, come in many colors and are reasonably priced!


It’s impossible to sleep well on an uncomfortable bed so it might be worth investing in a new high-quality mattress. It’s recommended that you should be updating your bedding, including mattresses and pillows, every 5-8 years. This obviously depends on the quality of your bed and mattress.

A good mattress can be vital to your health. They are proven to help reduce back pain, shoulder pain, and stiffness. The optimum type of mattress is subjective however, some people prefer a firm mattress whereas others tend to go for a softer one. The best idea is to try them out in the store before you buy them.

Optimize sounds

This a personal preference. Some people prefer to sleep in complete silence whereas others feel soothed by natural background noise. If you’re one of those who needs to eliminate as much sound as possible to get a perfect night’s sleep, you could try earplugs. Where your bedroom’s concerned, ensure you have double-glazed windows and proper wall insulation as these will help to make it more soundproof.

Certain people prefer a little white noise to help them sleep. If you find the sounds of the birds or the shore relaxing, you could invest in a white noise machine. These are proven to help many people get a better night’s sleep, particularly if your home is on a noisy street.


Aromatherapy is a great way to relax in your bedroom. You could burn incense or candles. Some aromas are more relaxing for example, lavender, sage, rosemary, and peppermint. Get a perfumed spray for your pillow to help you sleep. You should be able to find these easily online from a local herbalist or if not on most larger supermarket websites.

You can even grow most of these in your garden too! There are many herbal remedies you can plant at home you’d be surprised at how low maintenance they are. You could try making little bags of dried herbs such as lavender to put under your pillow.

Interior design tricks

There are actually quite a few interior design tricks to help you optimize your bedroom. These include choosing the right color, scheme, lighting, and decorating options. You’d be surprised by the positive effects of a good tidy as well. Here are a few examples of ways you can adjust your interior to create a more relaxing bedroom.


A messy bedroom can actually make a huge difference to your stress levels, so much so that decluttering is considered a mindfulness activity. By taking the time to put everything away before you go to bed, you’ll find you sleep better. Learn to optimize your bedroom storage space. If you are planning to buy a new bed, get one with space to store underneath.

Summer is the perfect time of year for a decluttering project. If you find your closet’s overflowing, it might a good idea to have a big clearout. This is a great way to feel more mindful and at peace.


A touch of greenery here and there is proven to create a calming atmosphere. Plants also help to boost your mood and they naturally clean the air in the room. Add a couple of low maintenance plants to your bedroom design, and feel the positive effects.

Color scheme

An interior designer might tell you to go for pastels and colors that are gentle on your eyes. Typically the most calming bedroom colors are light blues and natural greens. It’s fine to go with your own ideas, however, for a color scheme. The more you like it the more relaxing it will seem to you. You’ll get more pleasure out of choosing yourself. If you want to change your bedroom wall color you could even look at the latest trends for ideas.


The lighting in your bedroom is fundamental to your sleep. Your body’s natural clock responds to light and darkness as times to be awake and times to be asleep. Exposure to natural sunlight helps keep your circadian rhythm healthy and regular. It’s better for your sleep pattern to get more exposure to bright light in the morning and darkness at night.

You can optimize your bedroom lighting by choosing the right curtains or blinds. Blackout curtains and blinds can block out all outside light to help improve sleep quality at night (useful if you have glaring street lights outside your bedroom window). Thick winter curtains can block out light and provide insulation. Window coverings like shutters can meanwhile block out light while adding a layer of security and insulation. Some people prefer a little sunlight in the mornings and this is a healthy way to wake up - a more translucent window covering may be better in these cases.  

During the evening, go with soft lighting. Opt for dimmer lights, and nothing too bright. Don’t forget your lighting can also be a great focal feature. If you want to add a little flair to your bedroom, check out these unique lighting ideas.

Cut down on screentime

Avoid too much exposure to “blue lights” in the evenings, such as PC and TV screens. These will actually have a detrimental effect on your sleep pattern. If you want to be super strict, you could ban the TV and all the other screens from your bedroom. Try reading from a Kindle or tablet instead, as you can adjust the settings to be less harmful to your eyes.

Adjust your bedroom temperature

According to certain studies, body and room temperature have been found to have more of an effect on your sleep than noise. In fact, many people struggle to get to sleep if it’s too hot or cold, even when they don’t normally have problems sleeping. For most people, an average comfortable temperature to sleep is 70°F/20°C, but you might want to try out what is best for you.

During the summer months, it can be more difficult to get to sleep, but there are several ways you can cool your bedroom down. Do you have enough or too many blankets on your bed? Perhaps it’s better to sleep with a window open. Here are some more tips to help you cope with the heat this summer.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a stylish way to keep cool. They are also quiet. If you invest in the right brand, you’ll find they’re a lot quieter than most free-standing fans, and what’s more, the wind is less distracting. Due to them being higher up, you won’t be disturbed by the breeze, but the room will cool down.

A ceiling fan adds style to any bedroom and is a great decorative feature. You could invest in antique or rustic look blades, there’s a full range of choices. Many people opt for ceiling fans for their timeless elegance and vintage look. Take look at this stunning collection. Some are also light features and add an interesting depth to the room. You can choose the style and material that best reflects your taste and personality. Save money on your bills and cool down for less this summer.

A good night’s sleep is vital to both your mental and physical health. Remember to make this one of your top priorities. Follow these steps to create a luxurious and relaxing bedroom for the perfect night’s sleep.

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