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Sharpen Your Homeowner's Eye this Summer

When the sun is high in the sky, and the dresses get short and floaty, the summer is at its peak. For most American homeowners, summer is the ideal season to escape on a well-deserved holiday abroad or to a refreshing summer camp by the beach. However, this summer, things are going to be different. A lot of families have already decided to spend their summer break at home, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in the sun. A global pandemic, one has to say, changes things dramatically.


But, staying at home is not all bad. On the contrary, you can seize the opportunity to check on your home maintenance routine. Did you know that summer is the season where a lot of issues go unnoticed? Indeed, most people change their routine when the temperatures rise so that faults and potential risks that would be spotted rapidly can carry on for months before homeowners spot them. If you’re planning a staycation at home, sharpen your homeowner’s eye to keep your house in tip-top condition.

Your windows let the air in!

Keeping cool when the weather is hot can be challenging, especially if you haven’t invested in air conditioning. But there are a few tips and tricks you can use to cool down. What you may not have realized, though, is that those tricks can be the reason why you don’t spot some maintenance issues on time. For instance, if you keep your home ventilated and sleep with the windows open at night, you may not see that your windows keep the air in – even when they’re shut. While it may not be a dramatic problem in summer, in winter, your windows will make it hard to warm the house.

You take cold showers

Ah, nothing like a refreshing shower when the days get too hot. It’s the perfect way to refresh before going back outside or going to bed. But when you take a cold shower, you don’t use your water heater, which means you could potentially miss signs a water heater is going bad. The first and most significant symptom that homeowners don’t notice in summer is the absence of warm water! Do make sure to test your water temperature weekly to avoid any bad surprises in winter. Switching your water heater in summer is a much more pleasant process than waiting until the weather has gone cold!
Your garden is going dry

In a lot of areas, when the summer heat is at its highest point, homeowners need to prioritize their water supply. It’s not uncommon to see brown lawns when the weather gets hot. When you need to cut down water waste, your garden is the first to suffer. Unfortunately, when you let your garden go dry in summer, it can have dramatic consequences in later months. Indeed, when the soil goes too dry, your garden becomes unable to absorb large quantities of water. In other words, the summer heat can lead to flooded gardens in autumn or winter. You need to be careful about garden maintenance, even during a water shortage. One of the best pieces of advice that landscape experts give homeowners is to let their grass grow high ahead of the summer. Tall grass protects the roots and the soil from drying out. In the long term, this will avoid floating risks in later months.

Bees and bugs in the garden

This summer, we can expect a surge in wildlife in our gardens! The pandemic has reduced traffic on the road, allowing wildlife to come back. But, as a homeowner, you need to be attentive to bugs, insects and small mammals in your garden. Bees, for instance, may be buzzing in numbers around your most fragrant bushes and flowers, but do make sure to follow where they go. You don’t want bees to start building a hive under your roof. Don’t let things go out of control: Bee removal can keep your home and the bees safe!


Finding shelter in the coldest parts of the home

It might be tempting to find the cooler spots at home to relax during the day. However, as welcoming as a little freshness can be in the heat, you have to consider where the coolness comes from. For instance, a basement is often cool because it is underground and not exposed to direct sunlight. But there may be other reasons why a room feels fresh in summer, such as a hidden leak behind the wall, for instance. Make sure to question what is making your room so refreshing.

In summer, it is easy to lose track of your home maintenance routine. But do take the time to check your appliances and home for risks in the heat to avoid bad surprises in winter! Also Read: How to Find Best Summer Camp in Switzerland

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