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The Decision to Buy an RV

After our escapade in trying to convert the CR-V into a camper, and enjoying camping once again, we decided that we were going to purchase some type of RV for us to stay in.  We had definite parameters:
  1. Had to be pulled by our CR-V which had a towing capacity of around 1500 lbs.
  2. Had to cost less than $12,000 as that is what we had to spend.
  3. Had to be located in Missouri as we believe in buying local.
  4. Had to be clean.
  5. Had to be in tip-top shape.
Once we had our agreements in place, then we each started looking for brands.  The brands we explored were:
  1. NuCamp T@G
  2. The Taxa Cricket Camp
  3. The Happier Camper
In the long run, we were able to find the NuCamp T@G camper in Missouri, with used models available in our price range.  We joined a Facebook group to learn about the camper and to actually look for problems that were occurring and what we actually found was a community of people who were eager to help one another by sharing modifications, helpful advice and actually on-the-spot advice for problems occurring at that very moment.  We were also pleased to see that NuCamp headquarters answered some of those questions themselves.

What we found that we felt was a great deal was a new (not previously owned) 2018 NuCamp T@G that still had the one year warranty available. It was well under our budget and located in Kirksville, Missouri, about 3 hours from home.  We were able to go and get it and get back home in one day!

We would heartily recommend Heartland Auto for business.  Gale was extremely helpful in getting us our trailer and answering questions. 

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