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Four Signs There May Be Mice in Your Home

Dealing with a mouse or rat problem in your home can be very frustrating. If you’re noticing some signs of mice or other pests, it can be hard to know how big a problem you have. Do you need to call in the professionals, or do you just need a deep clean? Are those droppings you found under your cabinets new or old?

 Some signs can also help you determine how big the population of rodents is. If you see mice at night, but never during the day then your rodent population is probably still relatively small and can be controlled with traps and bait. If you do see rodents during the day, or notice lots of fresh droppings or gnaw marks, then it’s likely that the problem is much bigger and will need the help of a mice removal company.
Look out for these signs that will you decide if you have a rodent problem in your house.

Rodent droppings. Fresh droppings will be dark and moist. As the droppings age, they will dry out and become grey and crumbly if touched. You will most likely find droppings near food packages, in drawers or cupboards, under the sinks, or in other hidden areas. Usually, the highest amount of droppings will be where the rodents are nesting or feeding, so keep an eye out for fresh droppings.

Gnaw marks. New gnaw marks will be lighter in colour and will darken as they get older. These marks will be found on food packaging or on the structure of the house itself. One way to tell how old a gnaw mark is to compare a mark that you just noticed with an older mark on a similar material. If the new mark is lighter, then it suggests your pest problem is ongoing. The size of the marks can help you tell if you have mice or rats. Smaller marks suggest mice, whereas larger gnaw marks are likely from the larger teeth of rats.

Foul odour. Pets like cats or dogs (or even a pet mouse or rat) may become more active or excitable in an area where rodents are. This is due to the smell of the rodents and usually occurs when rodents have recently come into the house. If you notice that your pet is pawing at an area which they previously weren’t interested in, then you should investigate the area more thoroughly for signs of rats and mice. If the infestation is large then you might not also become aware of a stale smell from hidden areas.

Tracks and runways. If you have rodents active in your home, then the runways and tracks become pretty distinctive but will fade as time passes. Runways are easily spotted with a flashlight or blacklight, held at an angle towards the area you suspect has mice. You might see smudge marks, footprints, droppings, or stains from urine. You can also try laying a thin layer of flour or baby powder and then watch for trails through the powder.

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