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3 Tips for Making Your Home More Magical

Everyone wants their home to be a fundamentally magical and blissful place. After all, there’s nowhere else in the world that is likely to be anywhere near as comfortable, personalised, and as rich in meaning, as your own home is for you.

Of course, it is not exactly difficult to end up falling into a situation where your home is a bit of a mess, isn’t particularly inspiring to you, and ends up just being a place where you sleep, eat, and watch TV on the weekends.

Here are just a few tips for making your home a bit more magical, instead.

Invest in tools and systems that help you to simplify your home environment

A major reason for a home not feeling magical or uplifting in any particular sense, is simple analysis paralysis. In other words, there’s enough complexity and “work” to do in the home, that it just seems silly and exhausting to even think about turning it into a more positive and uplifting place to be.

Today, there is almost certainly a lot more complexity in the life of the average individual than ever before in history. The psychologist Barry Schwartz has clearly pointed out in his book, “The Paradox of Choice,” that when we have too many different choices and options to consider, a psychological defence mechanism tends to kick in that makes us completely passive, instead.

Well, between a million different choices about how to arrange furniture (and what furniture to buy,) personal responsibilities, entertainment options, and much more besides, analysis paralysis is certainly a reality that we all need to contend with.

Invest in tools and systems that help you to simplify your home environment – whether that means a voice-activated smart AI device, or simply a slow cooker for batch-cooking meals.

Get connected with your belongings, and think about auditing out those that don’t “spark joy”

The Japanese cleaning guru, Marie Kondo, experienced a great resurgence in popularity in the last couple of years due to her TV programme being released.

The core of Kondo’s “Konmari Method” of home-decluttering is certainly designed around the principle of trying to make your home a more magical place.

Specifically, you’re meant to sort each “type” of item in your home into a pile, hold each item in your hands, and dispose of each item that doesn’t cause you to feel a “spark of joy.”

With a bit of extra discretion to make sure that you don’t throw away anything that’s very useful, consider applying the Konmari method to make your home feel more joyful and magical.

Of course, in the meantime you could just transfer some of your belongings to Storage Stockport to make your home less cluttered up-front.

Do more in your home than just eating, sleeping, and watching TV

If you do in fact just use your home for eating, sleeping, and watching TV, you are certainly not making use of its full potential.

How about making your home a more interesting place by taking up some more interesting hobbies?

Why not set up an easel in the living room, a home gym in your garage, or a small home library in an appropriate corner?

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