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We welcomed Fall to Missouri on Tuesday, I believe, and boy, it came in gently and beautifully.  The first thing I do is clean our front porch. We live in a neighborhood where front porches are big and prominent and I like ours to reflect the season.  After removing debris from the porch, sweeping down the ceilings, and power washing the furniture, I put out my fall basket of flowers.  I love this basket and have used it every year since moving to New Town. I cleaned out the big blue planters and put in fall arrangements, then went and purchased two gorgeous baskets of live flowers. Pillows and throws are on the chairs, ready for the cooler nights to come.  I am ready.

It's been a week since I was diagnosed with diabetes. I am working hard at the numbers, using a nifty little gadget that doesn't require me to prick my finger three times a day.  It's on my stomach and I get the readings through an app on my phone.  I can check any time I want, and it is helping me figure out that when my numbers are high, I am tired and unable to focus for long.  I cannot help but think that as these blood sugars get regulated, how much better I am going to feel.

The backyard cutting garden is letting its last blossoms bloom.  I cut a bouquet of zinnias this week and I am thinking those could be the last.  I saw some pretty yellow blossoms getting ready to bloom, so I might get another bouquet of those.  My climbing roses are still blooming, too.  And some of my wildflowers are going nuts. My beautiful maple tree is getting red leaves around the edges. When it goes completely red, it is a sight to see.

Covid-19 is wearing me down.  I have made one trip to one school in the last seven months. I was anxious and nervous about being in a public school, but seeing real faces and those of my co-workers made it worthwhile.  This school is doing everything within its power to keep its staff and students safe. I'm really proud of them and their efforts.

Tiger Football started this weekend with Missouri playing Alabama.  Not our typical season opener!  We got beat pretty badly.  I think our new coach had his hands full.  I listened to the game on my own, as my husband had other events to attend this weekend, and I am still staying at home as much as I can.

The three best months are still to come!  October, November, and December!! I'm not going to let Covid take away any more. Let's celebrate like it's 1999.  And that was a very good celebration!

One of the cards I painted for a card swap with friends!

This week's saying to ponder: Don't leave the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket.

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  1. Yay for fall! I just love fall colors.

    My daughter returns to school on Monday. It'll be different with COVID, but life needs to continue.

  2. I like Fall and all the pumpkins and apples. Football season is my least favorite but my husband likes the pros.

  3. My other half was diagnosed type 1 a few years ago and it was so hard for him getting everything back on track, even his vision had issues - it's such a scary diagnosis.

  4. Such a different world and lifestyl we have right now. Glad you're hanging in there best you can. Enjoyed reading a bit about your good life, after all, simply being alive makes it a good life.

  5. Those are lovely pictures of Fall. Our football season started Saturday too. I couldn't believe we beat LSU!

  6. The diagnosis must have come as a bit of a shock. Glad you have that other device to use it sounds better than the one that pricks your finger. Hope levels get balanced soon so you feel better x

  7. I love when front porches are decorated for the fall. How beautiful Fall is, isn't it?

  8. It's wearing me down too. We've had a hard year personally even without all the staying at home stuff. I hope 2021 bring you nothing but joy!

  9. Nikki Wayne7:42 AM

    You're right, don't let this pandemic ruin our last months of the year. Especially December. And nice painting you got there.

  10. I enjoyed reading your story. You're not alone. Pandemic is wearing me down too. I somehow can't enjoy Fall in full and that's what's bothers me. We need to stay positive and hopeful.

  11. Oh yes! THere are still a few months this year and christmas is yet to come! We really should celecrate and hope that this pandemic end already.


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