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9 Items You Should Never Scrimp On


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Everyone loves a bargain when they shop. There’s nothing like saving money on something or finding it in a sale. It’s good financial sense and makes your money go a lot further. Sometimes you look at an expensive product and wonder why it costs so much when there are others on the market for a fraction of the price? 

Yet there are some items where cost shouldn’t be your first concern. Yes, you only have a limited budget, but scrimping on these items might be a false economy or dangerous. You need to know what these items are. 

There are 9 items you should never scrimp on. 

Pans and cookware

You can buy pans for a few dollars each at some stores.  The same goes for baking trays and other cookware. While you might think that you are being money savvy, cheap, badly designed pans are terrible for cooking with. They don’t distribute the heat properly which can result in ruined food. They may also be coated in nonstick substances which are actually bad for your health. 

Try and find good quality stainless steel or copper pan sets. They may cost more but can last you a lifetime. If you’re not sure which range is best suited to you, head over to Prudent Reviews and see what others had to say about various ranges. 

Speakers and headphones

Bad quality speakers and headphones take the joy out of listening to music. They are crackly, with poor sound quality. Why would you buy an expensive smartphone and pay for a monthly streaming service just to listen to it on a terrible speaker system? 

Your mattress 

The quality of your mattress really can affect your life. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for our mental and physical health. Poor sleep can contribute to depression, weight gain, and all of the health conditions that it predisposes you to. 

By splashing out on a good quality mattress, you’re making it much more likely that you will get a good night’s sleep and feel rested in the morning. 

If your mattress is over eight years old, has any lumps, bumps, or springs sticking out, then it’s time for a new one. Don’t just buy the first one you can find from the internet, visit a mattress store, and try a few out. Then you’ll know what level of firmness and comfort to choose. 

Bed Sheets

One of the perks of being older is getting to sleep in a proper grown-up bed, with a nice mattress and good quality bed linens. Not only should you buy good quality linens because of the way they feel, but they will also last longer, like these from Or & Zon-sheet sets. Many of the cheaper sets fade within a few washes, and the fabric becomes quite unpleasant. Not the kind of thing you want to sleep on. 


Wearing a good sunscreen is vital to protect your skin from the effects of the sun and developing skin cancer. Don’t pick up a bottle at the dollar store. Do your research and find a brand that has been shown to protect against UVA and UVB light. 

Don’t use old bottles of sunscreen either. Their effectiveness decreases over time. 

Running shoes

Running is a great way to get active and improve your health. Many people start running because they don’t need any equipment or gym membership, just a pair of running shoes. 

Your running shoes need to be of good quality and provide a good amount of cushioning in the middle of the foot and arches. This can prevent injuries and improve your running. Always go for running shoes that are specially designed for runners, rather than a cheaper pair of fashion shoes that provide no support.  For a guide on buying the right shoe visit Shoes Impact.

Child safety equipment

There’s a lot of items to buy when you’re pregnant. Every day you’re spending more and more money. There are many opportunities to buy clothes and toys that have been pre-loved or are very cheap. After all, babies grow out of their clothes really quickly. One item you should absolutely not compromise on is your child’s infant carrier. For more tips on having your first baby, visit Mominformed.

There are many regulations surrounding the construction and use of baby seats. Check the particular laws in your state. Also, be careful about buying a second-hand seat. There’s no way of knowing if it has been involved in an accident, damaging the structure and making it dangerous. If you have later involved in an accident yourself, the seat may break. 

Fresh Meat

If you’re a meat-eater, you know the importance of buying good quality meat. Cheaper prices often indicate that the meat may not be of good quality, or has a lot of additives and water added to it. The welfare standards of the animals may be less than ideal too, so if that is something that is important to you, then take it into consideration when you’re buying fresh meat. 

Insurance policies 

Modern living requires us to have many different types of insurance. It’s tempting to try and find the cheapest option every time. But scrimping on your car insurance you risk not having the right amount of coverage should you have an accident. You could end up spending thousands of dollars or be liable for the other driver’s costs, which could be an astronomical amount of money. 


We all have limited budgets, so of course, need to find ways to save money wherever we can. But we sometimes have to accept that the cheapest option isn’t always the best in terms of long term value or even safety. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive product, but learn to put quality and safety first, and then look for the best value item that fits the bill. You’ll still get the thrill of being able to find good offers, it just won’t be the driving force behind your decisions. 

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