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Reducing Allergens in the Home

If you have an allergy, needless to say, it can make life miserable. Common allergens like pollen, mold, or dust can seem unavoidable. And if you suffer from common allergens in your own home, it can seem like there is no escape from the symptoms. But there are a few steps you can take around your home to make allergens more bearable. A lot of them are to do with good cleaning habits.

Check Your Filters

You have to make sure that your filters are in good shape. Ducts such as in your air conditioning units and central heating systems need to be the right ones for the job. It is possible to hire air duct cleaning companies to make sure you are cleaning them properly but you should also make sure you have a unit with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.

Dusting Religiously 

It may be something that you need to do more regularly than you already do. Dust and mold are common allergens that need addressing on a constant basis. When you dust surfaces, you should clean from top to bottom. This avoids spreading dust on areas you've already cleaned. Be sure to use damp microfiber cloths, as this will trap the dust, rather than move it. But also remember to clean things that you don't normally consider, such as curtains and ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can very easily blow allergens around the room.

Keeping Your Mattress and Bed Clean

In order to limit the potential for dust mites, you need a dust cover. As dust mites are the key allergen that causes asthma, it's important to stay on top of this, especially if you have young children. Also, think about cleaning the headboard and bed frame if they are covered in fabric.

Think About Dietary Habits

It's not something that we always consider, but if we eat the right foods, this can greatly minimize the potential for allergens as we may confuse an allergen with food intolerance. So if your children have various coughs and sneezes but the house is clean and they are feeling okay, it may very well be to do with certain aspects of their diet. Think about the key culprits such as wheat and milk. And think about reducing these so you can check if symptoms get better.

Making the Right Purchases

In order to minimize dust mites, you should make a couple of key purchases. Washable pillowcase dust covers are crucial which you need to wash every 3 weeks at least. But you should also think about the right equipment, such as a vacuum cleaner, and one with a HEPA filter is the best mode of protection against dust mites.

It's also worth pointing out if you have a significant amount of allergies in the home and your property is carpeted, it might be time to get rid of this as carpets can trap so much dust and allergens, not to mention pet dander. In order to reduce allergies in the home, you should think about minimizing the number of services where dust particles can gather.

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