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How To Make A Staycation Feel Like A Luxury Holiday

Although we’d all like to forget about it, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. Therefore many US states and international countries are trying to restrict travel as much as possible. These travel restrictions, and the accompanying government guidelines, have put a stop to the vacations of millions of Americans - but just because you may not be able to travel internationally, and could still be wary of traveling internally in the US, doesn’t mean that you can’t recreate a luxury vacation somewhere closer to home. Here’s how to plan a luxury staycation that will make you feel like you’re living your dream life abroad.

Fall in love with your local area again 

Most of us fail to appreciate the beauty that we have on our own front doorstep. The grass always seems greener on the other side, but have you ever tried being a tourist in your hometown? Take a look at what the best attractions are in your area and try to look at where you live from the perspective of a traveler who is coming to visit. You never know, researching your local area may uncover some hidden gems that you have never heard of before.

Book yourself accommodation - even if it’s just down the road

One of the nicest parts of going on holiday is the simple pleasure of getting to live in a different environment. Sometimes, you don’t need to travel far from home to experience the luxury of hotel accommodation, so why not take a look at rooms nearby and treat yourself to a few nights away from home, someplace where someone else will make your bed for you. If a hotel isn’t your idea of a vacation, then check out local camping, glamping, or bed & breakfast spots too.

Use the money you save on travel to boost your budget

By removing the cost of flights from your vacation costs, you can use this money elsewhere to make your stay that little extra special. If you’re camping, why not splash out on a new tipi-style tent? Or if you’re staying in a hotel, then upgrade to a suite or a room with a particularly nice view. Whatever you choose to spend the extra money on, make sure that it is something you consider a luxury and don’t simply use it to pay for other bills.

Dine out to help local restaurants

You may only be a stone’s throw from home, but another reason why we love to go on vacation is to experience eating out in restaurants and to treat ourselves to the luxury of someone else cooking our meals. 
Even though you could save money by cooking for yourself, you can check out Restaurant Meal Prices for deals, discounts, and prices of the restaurants before you go. Also, why not book yourself a table at a few of your favorite local restaurants, or try somewhere that you have never been before.  Dining out not only removes the chore of cooking and washing up from your plate, but also helps to support local businesses that may have struggled during the pandemic.

Buy yourself some new staycation staples

One of the exciting things about going on holiday is splurging a little on your holiday wardrobe. Rather than skipping this step, allow yourself to buy some new staycation essentials so that whether you are going out for dinner, sitting by the pool in the spa, or lounging in your hotel room, you have something new and exciting to wear.

Treat yourself to a spa

Nothing screams unbridled luxury like a spa day. If you’re staying at home, then treat yourself to a Hawaiian spa gift and pamper yourself from head to toe with products that contain ingredients that have been gently handpicked in the Hawaiian O’hia Lehua Rain Forest. If you’re splashing out on a local hotel, then book yourself in for a spa treatment, and if you’re camping, glamping, or renting an Air-BnB, then find a local spa venue and book in for some much-needed relaxation.

Ditch your digital devices and give yourself the gift of time

Last but not least, although you may be staying closer to home, that’s no excuse to catch up on emails or to spend hours glued to your mobile phone. Ditch your digital devices and allow yourself to unplug for the duration of your staycation so that you can devote your time to other activities that you usually don’t get around too. Get stuck into a new book, bake that elaborate cake recipe or go for a four-hour hike - whatever it is that you enjoy doing but never usually have time for, now is the time to indulge in your passion. 

Taking a vacation close to home may not have been what you had in mind, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying every minute of it. 

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  1. I stayed very local this summer and went to the beach only a few times. Unplugging for even a few hours is like a vacation so i will try this more often.

  2. These are some great ideas. I'm in San Antonio so there's tons to do around here. We have been going to local restaurants!

  3. YES! Personally, I LOVE staycations. Probably more than traveling because I am a SUPER home-body and I hate packing and I hate airports, hahaha! Love these tips and when my husband and I get settled into our new home - YES it's happening.

  4. I adore staycations. There are so many places where I live to explore and enjoy.

  5. These are some awesome ideas, I have to admit we never normally travel far from home as I am a bad traveller and there is so much to do and see close by.

  6. These are great ideas! We are lucky to live in a place with lots of outdoor activities to explore.

  7. I love just staying "Downtown" (Chicago, for me). Get a hotel for a couple nights, relax, find some places to eat... That's the perfect quick getaway!

  8. This year I discovered a lot of beautiful places around us. I appreciated the nature and just staying outside!

  9. We haven't been traveling since the pandemic started, and it will be nice to put that money towards a good vacation. We are going to definitely be doing some staycations.

  10. My family and I really enjoy staycation. This year, we are planning to staycation in our backyard (camping).


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