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Look Good, Feel Good

You don't have to be vain to like what you see in the mirror. Often, how you look is an indication of your health and overall wellbeing. It's why you should be looking for a dentist in Worcester to keep up with your dental health among others. You can literally see when someone isn’t taking good care of themselves or if life is getting them down.  

 Now before you start to panic, this isn’t the kind of article that’s going to advise you to lose lots of weight or tell you that you need makeup to look normal. Instead, let’s consider what you can do to make yourself feel good in a more holistic way so that when you look in the mirror, you can’t help but give yourself a big grin.

Update Your Wardrobe

What you wear has a big impact on the kind of life you live. Remember when women used to wear restrictive corsets that meant they could barely move? Yep, we still do that sort of thing to ourselves with ‘waist trainers’ and absurdly high heels! The best fashion allows you to move freely and have a good time. The elasticated waistband might not sound like much but honestly, if you want to play in the sun, this is what you need.

Practicality and fashion don’t have to be opposed. Ray Ban glasses make you look good and help you to see well. Chic sportswear can give you the confidence you need to go to the gym and move at your own pace. The right walking boots can take you to the top of any mountain you want to climb.
So next time you go shopping, don’t just ask if you look good, ask if you feel good too.

Eat a Wide Variety of Foods

Food is so important. If you have spent most of lockdown wishing you could go out to eat, you understand! Food offers variety, a chance to meet people and chat, and gives us a cultural connection like no other. Sharing food is a major component in most cultures, which really shows its value.
Feeding yourself is also about feeding your gut bacteria (plus obviously allowing you to have perfect teeth) and this is where things get interesting. The more variety in your food choices, the healthier you will feel. Around 30 different plants per week are advisable so go to town on nuts, seeds, veggies, and fruits! When you are eating a balanced diet, your hair, nails, and teeth will all look good naturally.

Be Active and Enjoy Yourself

Life should be full of fun! Being active isn’t just about getting exercise; it’s all about flexing your creativity and trying new things. It’s very easy to sit and vegetate in front of screens all day every day but there’s a whole wide world out there to explore and play in.

Happy people tend to follow their passions and interests. You don’t have to be good at something for it to be worth your time, nor does every activity have to be profitable. Sometimes, wasting time is fun! So, follow your whims, be open to new ideas and see the difference it makes. You’re probably smiling just thinking about it!

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