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Buying a Fixer Upper? Here's How to Improve it

If you have recently purchased a fixer-upper then you could be in for a treat when it comes to carrying out some maintenance. Fixer-uppers are more often than not purchased through a home auction site, buyers may not get to see the property before they buy it. This is risky, but it is a risk that can pay off, especially if you get a home that isn’t in too bad condition. If you are looking for ideas on how to improve your fixer-upper then take a look below. 

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Improving the walls and injecting some life back into the property might be one of the first things you have on your to-do list. Lists are a great tool when it comes to knowing what you are doing. You can tick tasks off as and when you complete them. When it comes to the walls you need to work out if you are painting them or covering them with wallpaper. There are pros and cons to each of these options and it usually comes down to personal preference. Wallpaper can work out more expensive than paint, especially if you need extra rolls due to the pattern. Paint is cheaper but can end up looking flakey if you don’t do enough coats. 


Now for the floors in your new home. If you want to rip them up and start again then that is great but what will you put down. There are a few options when it comes to flooring and it all depends on which rooms you are covering. For the bathroom and kitchen, you might like to use tile flooring. This is low maintenance and easy to clean. For all other floors, you have the choice of carpet or hard flooring. With carpet you run the risk of it getting dirty and stained, hardwood floor is easy to look after but can get cold in the winter months. 


What furniture are you going to put in your new house? Do you have big rooms or small rooms? Knowing how much space you have to work with will help you in knowing the type of furniture to buy and where to place it. Take the living room, for instance, if you have a small living room then you don’t want a lot of furniture. Have the main focus point in smaller rooms, you could have the TV or the sofa as the main point. Mirrors are your friends when it comes to smaller rooms, placing one opposite the door will give the illusion that the room is huge. 


Finally, the garden may have seen better days if you buy a home at auction. It may be an easy fix or it could take some time. If the grass is completely destroyed then you need to rip it all up and start again or lay down astroturf for a professional-looking finish. The garden needs to look warm and welcoming, you could add some border plants and some additional lighting so you can enjoy your garden at night. 

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