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Simply Summer's Best: BBQ Spatchcocked Chicken and Rock It Like a Redhead Sauvignon Blanc

This month our #WorldWineTravel writers are exploring the white wines of New South Wales and beyond! We are being hosted by Robin at Crushed Grape Chronicles and you can see her invitation post by clicking the link to the blog.  Robin is also hosting a Twitter chat on Saturday, July 23, at 11 EST if you want to learn more.  Look for the hashtag #worldwinetravel.

I found a great wine called Rock It Like a Redhead that I loved. I have become a big fan of Australian wines. They suit my tastes and I have yet to be disappointed.  This wine has a very bright citrus and pear profile which makes it perfect for hot summer days.  The winemaker, Jenn Pfeiffer, blended cool-climate fruit from Victori with Sauvignon Blanc from New South Wales, which is how I justified this wine for this month's exploration.  The price point of $10 a bottle is affordable for all occasions.  It's particularly good with spicy food, shellfish, and goat cheese!  

I paired this summery wine with one of my favorite summer meals: 

Spatchcocked chicken, crockpot corn on the cob, and feta salad.  So delicious and with the wine cooling down the spicy goodness of the BBQ sauce, it was a mighty pairing.  The feta salad featured here is something we have been eating a lot of this summer.  This recipe is very delicious and everyone raves about it!

Find more excellent pairings below:

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  1. I love a Feta salad in the summer. We enjoy one with Feta and watermelon.

  2. I'm so glad that you found a wine that was partially New South Wales! I love the label and the name, well, that sounds like a fun summer wine! I have been craving watermelon today and think I might update your salad to use that in place of the tomatoes for dinner tonight!

  3. Your feta salad sounds wonderful and your pork steaks look just like chicken LOL


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