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Top 5 Home painting do’s and don’ts

Switching the design of your rooms by painting over the walls is the easiest way to upgrade your room’s appearance. However, people tend to overlook all the preparation for doing a good paint job. Many things factor into the outcome, and you want to be sure you’re prepared well before you take on this big task.  Doing it yourself can be self-fulfilling, but hiring a professional house painter to take over your painting project can also be a good choice.

Here are 5 do’s and 5 things to avoid when choosing to embark on a painting project:

Test the colors beforehand

The last thing you’d want to do is end up dissatisfied with the selected color. While color swatches are helpful when picking a color, when put against different backgrounds, they can appear to the eye in different shades. To ensure you will like the result, don’t be afraid to paint a small portion of the wall to see how the color will truly look. 

Get an estimation

Paint is expensive, and you don’t want to end up in a situation where you buy much more than you need. It’s a waste of money, and it’s improbable you’ll ever end up using the surplus. On the other hand, having to go to the store to buy another batch is time-consuming, and you won’t end up with the same shade since all the batches are mixed individually.

Most paint stores offer free help when it comes to estimates based on the measurements of the area you need to paint. Many online tools will aid if your local area doesn’t have this available. Newline Painting for instance can provide free estimates on the cost of house painting in Melbourne as well as color consultation.

Paint proof your house

Spend time making sure all your furniture is covered and preferably moved into the middle of the room. Ensure that the floors are protected to avoid spending even more time cleaning after the job is done. A good tip is to take off any handles and electric switches.

Buy good supplies

If you’re thinking of ways to save money, skimping out on quality supplies is not the way to go. Cheap paint rollers will be harder to use, will probably shed on your walls, and overall have a worse coverage that will only make your job more complicated and longer.

Use primer

A primer is absolutely an investment that is worth your money and effort. A well-prepped painting surface makes it easier for the paint to adhere and ensures a cleaner finish.

For example, you can skip primer when painting a surface that’s already been painted over and is in good shape. You can skip it if you’re painting with a similar shade, but if you’re going any darker, it’s recommended to use it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Painting isn’t a small task. Depending on the size of your house, it can be very time-consuming and challenging. If your schedule doesn’t allow it, you should consider hiring skilled experts with experience. Most services, such as this agency for interior painting in Calgary, offer free estimates before committing to a contract.

Don’t mix different types of paint

Read the labels carefully. If you’re changing the paint you’re using, ensure the wall is sanded and well prepped before proceeding.

Don’t rush

Imperfections are more likely to catch your eye when looking at the walls daily. Take your time to carefully go over all the details and edges to give your paint job that professional finishing touch. 

Don’t paint over wallpaper

This one should be a given. If you have old wallpaper in the house, peel it off or scrape it before proceeding. 

Don’t paint out of order

It’s best to paint your house from top to bottom. Prioritize the ceiling, go to woodwork, walls, and doors and leave the floors for the last step.

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