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Summer Time Canned Sparkling Prosecco and Pepperdew Bites

 It's definitely summertime in the Midwest. Our temperatures have been over 100 degrees and I have been looking for ways to cool down!  I found this canned Pear Sparkling Prosecco called Pearsecco from Aldi and I have had a fun creating different cocktails with it.  It is actually a bubbly dry cider that has 5% ABV.  It comes in six-packs and is in limited quantities.  Aldi describes this as bright and fresh, a little tart, and pairs well with poultry, pork, soft cheeses, and grilled veggies.  I'd add seafood, too.  Yummy.

It's made by Wicked Grove and is a great mashup of cider and wine.  It's so refreshing that even my husband has been known to crack one open when grilling in the 100% heat.  Serve it with a cheese board or a big summer salad and oh my, you are set for a perfect summer meal.

I peared (see what I did there?) this with the most simple and delicious summertime snacks: Peppadew Bites.  I can't call it a recipe, but here we go:

Peppadew Bites

1 jar of Pepperdew Bites (that's a brand name of pepper

4 oz goat cheese or cream cheese

That's it.  Drain the peppers, pat them dry, place a teaspoon in the opening of the pepper and refrigerate until firm.  Yep, you serve these cuties cold.  This, with a cocktail made from my Pearsecco, and I can make dinner from this.

Cocktails with Pearsecco?  Honestly, it is a cocktail in a can.  However, I like to add fresh-cut peaches and watermelon to the bottom of a stemless wine glass and top with the Pearsecco. It is delish!  I also like to smash blueberries and strawberries and do the same thing.  I just know your favorite fruit combinations will work, too!  This canned treat is that versatile.

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  1. A nice and easy nibble - sounds perfect for a hot summer day!

  2. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Everything about this post says "summer." What a cool way to survive the summer heat!

  3. Everything about this post says "summer." What a delicious way to stay cool in the summer heat!

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I can see myself taking this combo to the beach! Perfect!


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