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Your Go-To Guide for Gift Giving Etiquette

There ardozens of occasions for buying gifts every year, from the classic Christmas shoppingbirthdays and anniversaries, to shopping for bridesmaid giftsweddings and baby showers. While in some cases there are black and white guidelines on what is considered an appropriate gift, sometimes, the rules might not be very clear. To help you figure things out, we have put together a guide on unspoken gift-giving rules and etiquette


1. Think Like the Receiver

This one might seem obvious, but sometimes we choose to buy gifts just because we have to and we dont have much time for research. To put it simplyalways buy things that the person who is going to receive themwould buy for themselves. For example, if your coworker doesnt wear jewelrygifting her a pearl ring wouldn’t be a very good ideaIf you really want to get it right but you have no idea what your giftee wants, just ask them. This technique works especially well for family members and close friends as there is usually an open discussion on this subject


2. Don’t Expect a Gift in Return

Just because someone is on your Christmas shopping list doesnt mean that you are on theirs. If you decide to buy a gift for your postman, do it because you want to, not because you are expecting anything in return. After all, everyone has their own priorities when it comes to gift giving and you shouldnjudge anyone for their choices. 


3. Be Culturally Aware

The proper etiquette for gift giving differs from one country to another and not all cultures celebrate holidays at the same time or in the same way you do. If you dont want to offend or embarrass anyone, make sure you understand the norms and traditions of anyone to whom you plan ongiving a gift


4. Use Gift Wrap or a Gift Bag

The way you present your gift tells a lot about your intention, so pay attention to the outside as much as the inside. Always wrap your present or use a gift bag when giving your gift to the receiver. Besides, you should be respectful of people’s privacy, especially if you are in a public place. After all, not everyone likes to be the center of attention when receiving a gift. 


5. ItOK to Gift Money and Gift Cards

You may think that this one is not true but that is simply not the case. Lets say you just got married. What would you rather receive as a gift: a set of delicate crystal glasses or an envelope full of money, a gift card, or a chequeLets be honest, we would all prefer the monetary version of the gift rather than something we would barely use. After all, the money can go anywhere you need them, while the fancy glasses can only travel from the kitchen to the living room at most. 


6. Be Appropriate

Just because its your best friendbridal shower doesnt mean that you can gift her things that are meant for her eyes only in front of all her guestsJust think about it for a second. If her grandma were to be there, would she be startled by your gift? If so, it may be necessary for you to change it. Always consider the occasion before shopping for presents. 


7. Don’t Apologize for Your Gift

Itperfectly acceptable to give someone a gift that fits within the limits of your budget and you should never feel bad about it. You may see others offer extravagant gifts and start apologizing for your smallpresent, but this is simply not something you should do. No matter how small, if your gift is thoughtful and focused on the receiver, it is a good gift. More often than not, a thoughtful and well-chosen gift can be more meaningful than an expensive present. 


8. Group Gifts Are OK

This common practice is perfectly acceptable when it comes to gift-giving etiquette, especially if we are talking about expensive presents. Pooling money with friends is a great way to buy that extravagantwedding present couple has registered for, especially if you are all from the same friends group. You can also buy group gifts for your bossand coworkers, or even your parents, if you have many siblings. 


9. Dont Overspend

Sometimes, we all feel pressured to buy an expensive gift just because the giftee has a lot of money. Or maybe its because you know the people at the party will bring expensive presents. Whatever it may be, overspending is a no-no when it comes to gift-giving. Always choose a gift that is thoughtful, appropriate, generous but within your budget



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