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Holiday season in the UAE in 2022: when is the best time to go to Dubai?

 The UAE is hot, has a desert, is close to Africa, etc. However, anyone who has been there in February, for instance, is well aware that it can freeze there as well, and it becomes chilly at night.


If you suddenly want to drive around Dubai at night in February and you contact your local rental shop to rent a car in Dubai Deira, for example, then you are unlikely to choose an open-top convertible among all rental cars. It is much better to have a stove in your rented car just in case.


We will now determine the ideal time of year to visit the UAE for vacation.




The weather is luxuriant in December, with a daytime high of +27°C. The water temperature rises to +24°C. The ideal month to go to the UAE with kids in the winter is December. The "crazy" pricing is due to the large number of individuals who wish to spend the New Year in the UAE.


January is ideal for outings and shopping. The air temp does not get over +23°С. At night it becomes noticeably chilly, only + 18°С. Water in the sea - for hardened, + 21°С. And the Dubai Shopping Festival lasts all month and the discounts are real.


The weather in February is similar to that of January, however, typically warms up by March. When the sea temperature reaches +23°С, the first daring bathers jump in. Tourist reviews suggest visiting the resorts of the Gulf of Oman in February, such as Fujairah.




The true heat arrives in March. The air temperature climbs to +27°С, while the water temperature rises to +24°С. Prices are somewhat higher than they were in January and February.


Those who think March is not hot enough can consider planning a trip for April when the average daily temperature is already +32°C, while the overnight low does not drop below +25°C. The water warms up to +26°C. Prices remain at the March level up until the 10th, after which they increase.


The scorching weather returns in May with temperatures of +35°C during the day and +30°C at night. The water is +29°С. But the UAE resorts maintain their attractiveness solely because the price of excursions drops towards the end of May. Therefore, pick May if you're traveling to the UAE in the spring and want to save money while "roasting".




The temperature may get as high as +40°С in June. Despite being heated to +32°С, the water is not enjoyable. The few tourists who can withstand the heat extend the beach season. In the country, sandstorms are prevalent, and it clogs everything. Don't even think about the prices of the excursions.


Even citizens attempt to exit the nation in July. When it is +42°C outside, you can only survive in places with air conditioning.


The heat continues in August with daytime highs of +43°C and nighttime lows of +33°С. The water is +34°С! In addition to all of this attractiveness, there is more humidity.




September continues to be swelteringly hot, with daily highs of 38°C and overnight lows of 32°C. The ocean's water has been heated to +32°C. Tour costs this month are quite equal to those in the summer.


October sees a little increase in air temperature, with daytime highs of +33°C and nighttime lows of +29°C. You can already go for walks in addition to sitting in the water all the time. The peak travel time is approaching.


Dubai's air "cools down" to +30°C in November, and it even drops to +25°C at night. Rain falls on the nation. Rainfall occurs three to four times. A pleasant rest by the warm sea at +28°C is unaffected by the "rainy season" at all. Prices remain unchanged from October levels in November.




Obviously, the ideal time to travel to the UAE is when it's not too hot or too pricey! This definition makes December the ideal month.


If you want a warm sea, October at the start of the season and April at its conclusion are also acceptable times. They'll share the honor of being named "the finest month in the UAE".

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