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How to Make Your Home Easier to Clean

 We all want a clean and tidy home but don’t always have the time and energy we’d like to spend hours on it each day. For this reason, it’s worth setting yourself up for success and getting some systems in place that can help you clean quickly and efficiently. Here are just a few ways to go about it.   House cleaning services in Guttenberg will help you keep your home tidy and clean.

Get Your Home Decor Right

When you’re choosing furniture and surfaces, go for materials that are easy to clean. For example, patterned cement tiles or wood flooring look great and they’re easy to wipe down. Leather sofas that won’t stain as easily as fabric. Furniture with simple designs and fewer nooks and crannies will save you time and effort when it's cleaning day. Consider simplifying your decor by reducing the number of knick-knacks and intricate items you have on display too. The more items you have, the more places dust can settle. Streamlining your decor makes your home look clean and modern as well as reduces the time you spend dusting and cleaning individual items.

Establish Quick Daily Habits

Instead of saving all your cleaning for a big day, try doing a little bit every day. Wipe down surfaces, quickly vacuum or sweep, and put things back where they belong. Take a few minutes each night to do a quick pick-up before bedtime. Put away items, wash dishes, and tidy up common areas. Waking up to a clean home can set a positive tone for your day and make the overall cleaning process feel less overwhelming. Small, regular efforts prevent dirt and mess from piling up, making the big cleaning days much easier.

Declutter Regularly

One of the easiest ways to make cleaning easier is to have less stuff around. Take a look at your things and see what you really need. If you have things you don't use, consider donating or giving them away. Having less clutter means less dusting and fewer things to move around when you clean.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Having a place for everything makes cleaning up a breeze, it’s when your possessions don't have a home that mess can accumulate. Things like piles of mess on chairs and drawers filled will clutter start to appear. Use baskets, bins, and shelves to organize your belongings, use drawer dividers in drawers to organize smaller items, and make the most of nooks and crannies for storage- like putting baskets under your bed to organize items you use less often. When everything has its own spot, cleaning becomes a matter of putting things back where they belong, rather than a big, time-consuming task.

Choose Low-Maintenance Decor

Decorate your home with items that are easy to clean. For instance, choose washable curtains instead of delicate ones that require special care. Opt for rugs that are easy to vacuum or clean with a quick wipe. This way, you can keep your home looking nice without spending too much time on maintenance.

Start a Cleaning Rota./ Schedule

Establishing a cleaning schedule can help you stay organized and on top of tasks. Break down cleaning chores into manageable chunks and assign specific days for each task. For example, you might vacuum on Mondays, dust on Wednesdays, and tackle bathrooms on Fridays. Having a routine makes it easier to maintain a consistently clean home. If you live with others, make cleaning a team effort. Assign simple tasks to everyone in the household. When everyone pitches in, cleaning becomes quicker and more manageable. Plus, it's a great way to share responsibilities and keep the home in order.

Clean As You Go

Whenever you use something, try to put it back right away. Wipe down surfaces after you cook or eat. By cleaning up as you go, you'll avoid the build-up of messes that can be harder to tackle later.

Buy Smart Cleaning Supplies

Choose cleaning supplies that make your life easier. Invest in multipurpose cleaners to reduce the number of products you need. Microfiber cloths are great for dusting and wiping surfaces, and they can be washed and reused. Having the right tools can make your cleaning routine more efficient and less time-consuming.

Teach Kids Cleaning Habits

Teaching kids about cleanliness and involving them in the cleaning routine from a young age is really worthwhile. Teach them simple tasks like putting away toys, making their beds, or wiping surfaces, and keep the tasks age-appropriate (there are lists and age guidelines online you can check out if you’re unsure). This lightens your load and also teaches them good habits for the future. Keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean and tidy is something all of us have to do, so understanding this and putting it into practice from childhood is well worth doing. 

Annual Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning your home twice a year gives it a thorough refresh; this involves tackling tasks that go beyond your regular cleaning routine. Start by cleaning high and low, dusting corners, and reaching places often missed. Wash the windows inside and out to let more sunlight in. Take time to clean behind and underneath furniture, reaching the spots where dust likes to hide. Scrubbing walls and baseboards helps remove scuff marks and fingerprints. In the kitchen, clean the oven, microwave, and refrigerator, clearing out expired items. Don't forget to vacuum and flip mattresses for a cleaner and more comfortable sleep. Deep cleaning also includes washing curtains, blinds, and any other fabric surfaces. In the bathroom, disinfect and scrub tiles, grout, and the inside of cabinets. It can take time to really get in there and do these jobs properly, but split it up over a few days and it will only need doing once or twice a year. This can then make it easier to do a general clean the rest of the time and know that your home is free of any nasties. Things like carpet beetles and moths can infest areas under heavy furniture that don't get hoovered regularly, and mold can grow in corners behind shelving or kitchen appliances. So this is an important task to maintain your home and keep it clean and healthy.

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