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Easy-To-Gather Bad Habits To Avoid On Vacation


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There’s nothing quite like knowing your booked vacation is nearly here. These getaways are the perfect chance to get away from it all, recharge your batteries, and make amazing memories with loved ones.

But unfortunately, it's pretty easy to slip into some bad habits that can throw a wrench in your nice relaxing plans if you aren't careful. Little things like packing too much stuff, scheduling every single minute, or letting your guard down too much can end up causing a lot of stress and headaches that nobody wants on their holiday.

The good news is that it doesn't take much to side-step these travel pitfalls altogether. You just have to stay aware of where things could go wrong, then make some simple adjustments to your approach. If you use some smart prevention tactics, you can bypass those annoying travel woes and focus solely on soaking up the fun! 

In this post, we hope to help you with exactly that. Please consider the following:

Forgetting To Secure Valuables

It's just the worst feeling ever when you suddenly realize your wallet, phone, or something similarly valuable and essential has gone missing. When you're out exploring new places, it's so easy to get a bit too relaxed and let your guard down.

It’s not just you either, as skilled pickpockets and tourist-targeting thieves can strike in an instant if you aren't careful. A smart idea is to make a conscious effort to keep your crucial items stowed away securely at all times, especially when venturing out. Use anti-theft bags and pouches, maybe even portable lockboxes, and even a false wallet if needed. 

You'll also want to avoid ever leaving irreplaceable items just sitting out in the open or unattended. A bit of prevention is better than that sinking feeling of something going missing. Moreover, a portable safe you carry yourself is likely better than a hotel safe that could have been these decades.

Avoid Placing Suitcases On Your Bed

After traveling for so long, you’ve finally made it to your hotel after a looong commute day and just want to flop down on the bed. But we’d recommend one vital tip - don't put that suitcase straight on the bed before inspecting it first.

Luggage pieces can harbor unwanted insects like bed bugs or other annoying critters that you don't want taking up residence in your room (or coming home with you!). Just look at the issues Paris has had of late. Just always give your bags a thorough once-over when arriving, keep them elevated off floors on racks, and vacuum them out frequently during your stay. This guide for how to kill bed bugs can work wonders, also.

Overpacking & Over-Scheduling

While being prepared in advance is never a bad thing, you can definitely go a bit too far when it comes to overpacking and over-scheduling for vacation. An itinerary should relax you and keep you having fun, not feel like a prison you have to escape. Moreover, lugging around way more stuff than you need is a hassle, and planning out every single tiny detail leaves no room for going with the flow. An easy fix is to pack super comfortable outfits you can mix and match, and only the key essentials that'll realistically get used. When scheduling, aim to leave plenty of wiggle room and open pockets to make it up as you go if something fun comes up. It will give you the peace of mind you need, especially if you have kids.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy the best vacation possible. It’s nothing less than what you deserve!

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