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Essential Decor Strategies For A Stylish and Functional Home

Most houses are limited in space so functionality becomes an integral part of interior and exterior design but that does not mean you have to compromise on style and aesthetics. It is more than possible to make your home both gorgeous and functional if you follow some designer advice and do a bit of leg work to source materials and items like fabrics and furniture from less mainstream sources. Having a well-developed sense of style means you need to stand out, have a fairly unique take on décor and design the interior to work nicely with the demands of your family and daily life.


Mirrors To Blast Open The Space

Mirrors are a designer’s favorite tool in a variety of different ways. Large full-size mirrors whether they are hung up or placed upright can be wonderful for cosmetic reasons and they also make the room appear large and airy. Mirrors can reflect natural and artificial sources of light very well which is why they may be placed adjacent to large or small windows. Mirrors can even be used to partition different parts of a room to create zones so that different members of the household can utilize the available space as per their requirements.

Mirrors are a design component that is both stylish and super functional and always versatile. In vintage themed homes antique gilded mirrors can be used and for a modern style plain solid colors like black, white or grey are always preferred. Mirrored tables, consoles and even glass shelving is now used for a contemporary glamorous look and it achieves the same effect as a large or medium-sized mirror placed strategically in a room. Contact Avondale roofing contractors if you want a mirrored overlay for your roof as is the case with some modern, futuristic home designs.

Baskets Everywhere 

Baskets may give a slightly beachy and cottage core vibe but they are very practical and beautiful. Baskets are hand or machine woven with mostly natural materials (even synthetic fibers give a natural feel) and they can be strewn about the house for décor and also to prevent clutter from piling up. Toys, blankets and miscellaneous items can be put in baskets so they are not taking up valuable real estate on the floor or shelves. Other than baskets, multipurpose furniture like Ottoman stools or couches that open up for additional storage are great especially if you have kids around or multiple people living in the same house.

The bin system is loved by moms because it allows for easy compartmentalization of toys, tools, laundry and a plethora of other items and it helps contain messes from spreading. Fabric bins are aesthetically pleasing and can store quite a lot of items but if you are closing off a storage area such as a cabinet or cupboard you can use cheaper plastic storage bins too.

Cozy blankets Change The Game

Throw blanket and knits are a must for every season. They instantly make the space look and feel like home, they add a pop of color to your furniture and they are very useful in daily life. You can snuggle with them if you are watching a movie or reading a book and carry them from room to room. They feel wonderful for day naps and they can make couches and day beds more comfortable. Throw blankets do not need to be stored away as the idea is to have them sprawled around as much as possible. People that are outside a lot or who spend long hours at work always love to come home and snuggle in a blanket while they spend time with family or catch up on their favorite TV show.

Tables For The Win 

Tables are a very functional and useful furniture item that can greatly contribute to the beauty of your home. Coffee tables should be placed all over the house and the color of the tables and the type of wood should vary greatly so it looks less uniform and more interesting. Coffee tables can be used to lay down your cup of tea or coffee as the name suggests but they are perfect for placing lamps, books, vases and art pieces. Slimmer and taller coffee tables can be placed in uneventful corners of rooms to add some allure and larger ones can be centrepieces for main living areas like TV rooms and game rooms.

Plastic Emulsion Paint And Washable Wallpaper

Houses that have young children or are located in dusty places can accumulate stains, marks and splashes on their walls very easily. Using plastic or semi-plastic emulsion paint means that scuff or food marks or even crayon drawings can be washed off in a hassle-free manner in no time at all. If you are considering wallpaper, get the resilient washable kind to make cleaning up messes easier. Washington DC house painters can create just the right kind of shade for your walls depending on the design vision you have in mind so always consult the professionals before repainting your house.

Cultivate Multi-Use Spaces

Creating multi-use spaces especially in a small house is so important. Create book nooks or sitting areas wherever you can find the space such as below the stairs or by the window. With creative storage solutions like multi-use furniture you can free up more space in the layout to create zones for the fun activities you enjoy. A painting nook for example can be nestled into a corner by a large window to make use of the natural light! Comprehensive home remodels should be done only after consulting an architect and designer since they can help with dimensions, measurements and sourcing of materials. Look for home remodeling near me if you want a contractor or designer in proximity to you for easier collaboration.


Creating a thoroughly stylish and functional home is possible with creative improvisation and modern storage solutions. As a homeowner, try to shop furniture and items that match with your lifestyle instead of following trends so that you can get the most use out of the things you have. If they can be aesthetically pleasing too, then all the better!

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