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How to Decorate a Bathroom with Pantone's Color of the Year

 For nearly a quarter century, the U.S. company Pantone has set the standard for innovative, décor-friendly color combinations. Each year, Pantone announces their “color of the year,” and the chosen tone is quickly adopted as the annual leading color palette with a variety of applications, from clothes to interior decorations and even makeup colors.

In 2024, Pantone picked peach fuzz (technically classified as 13-1023 TCX). Lucky for you, peach fuzz is easily integrated with practically any décor theme. The versatile character of peach fuzz is at once inviting and elegant and brings a subtly radiant warmth to all types of rooms.

Since peach fuzz is a welcome addition to any design aesthetic, it’s particularly relevant for the bathroom. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a Jack & Jill bathroom, powder room, or regular bathroom in your home, peach fuzz tones will add a bright atmosphere that combines youthful exuberance with timeless, classic color.

Which Colors Does Pantone Peach Fuzz Work With?

It might be easier (and quicker) to list the colors that peach fuzz doesn’t work with, which is a testament to the color’s effortless integration. The key to working with peach fuzz is to complement the color without overdoing it. Various colors, textures, and styles blend nicely with peach fuzz, and here are just a few:

Peach-focused: Choosing a monochromatic theme allows you to create a warm, inviting space with multiple shades of peach. Because peach fuzz blends a yellow peach color with hints of gentle orange, try darker peach-colored walls in your bathroom offset with peach fuzz accents like tubs, vanity decorations, and more.

Pops of color with pastels: Mauve and Persian pastels help peach fuzz stand out in the bathroom, while softer, more “contrasting” pastels like pastel green, magic mint, and pastel turquoise lend a gentle cascading color palette in and around the vanity or bathtub.

Subtle sun-drenched color: Pastel yellow and even light lime are another great way to stylishly contrast peach fuzz color throughout your bathroom. If your space allows, opt for yellow pastel pillows on a vanity bench or pastel yellow artwork on the walls.

Light metal texture: Depending on your desired aesthetic, strategically situated metals (rose gold, light bronze) can bring out the best in a peach fuzz-focused interior. One way to achieve this pleasing appearance is with a bronze-framed mirror on your peach fuzz wall space, especially when flanked around a vanity with natural wood tones.

Floors, Furniture & More: Practical Design Applications to Complement Peach Fuzz

While larger bathrooms offer the obvious benefits of more square footage and wall space to make your peach fuzz bathroom pop with design possibilities, you can still create the perfect look in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms, too.

Start with a firm foundation (literally) for your peach fuzz bathroom with complementary wooden floor tones. Maple wood flooring is a popular choice in bathrooms, as the warm, textured appearance enables your peach fuzz tub, wall decorations, accessories, and walls to grab the spotlight. Hickory flooring, likewise, lets all your peach fuzz colored components radiate warmth and inviting character, all while adding a country casual, rustic touch.

And don’t forget about ceramic tiles. They’re available in a wide variety of colors and textures, many of which work well with peach fuzz as the central focus of your bathroom. Beige and taupe tiles instantly create a warm, rich décor, especially when offset with metal-framed mirrors and subtle copper light fixtures. Keeping with the pastel theme mentioned above, mint or light green tiles offer a delicate yet distinct contrast that’s sure to please both homeowners and guests.

With furniture and other permanent fixtures, you have yet another design avenue to work with. For a rustic or country-themed Jack & Jill bathroom, a rich wood modular vanity with peach fuzz does the trick, while a sage green vanity is perfect in a pastel-accented bathroom.

Once you’ve settled on flooring and furniture to pair with your peach fuzz bathroom, it’s time to finish your design flourish with matching accents like pillows (if you have the space), antiques, mirrors, and even tub & vanity hardware that promotes peach fuzz as the shining star of your bathroom décor!

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