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Essential Tips For Designing Your Dream Custom Home

 Custom homes are designs that went the extra mile and they are beautiful and unique simply because they are made differently from other houses. That being said, designing and building a custom home is not an easy task and the complexity of the steps may cause any homeowner to lose track of their vision. 

Here are the essential points to get right when you are laying the foundation for a dream home and designing it from the ground up. It is worthwhile to note that the first few steps are more time-consuming since they involve research, hiring, and getting your ideas converted into a practical vision. 

Work Around The Land

The land itself is perhaps the single greatest determinant of the kind of home you will be able to build and the comfort you will enjoy living there. Do not skip the research about what the site of the house needs. Some plots of land may be uneven in nature or sloping (in which case they will require terracing and similar methods to make them level or a split-level design) or they may have drainage problems or a rocky terrain. 

If you ignore any significant detail about the plot of land in question, it could cause problems with the foundation and structure later on. The local municipal laws are of the utmost importance for example in certain housing societies or locations, tall walls or gates are not allowed or a certain number of storeys may be forbidden. Make sure you are not trespassing any state or city laws in the design of your dream custom home. 

Furthermore, the climate of the area where you are building your custom house is of great significance. You need to account for the extremes of weather such as excess snow or rain in cold or temperate areas or severe heat or wind pressure in warmer areas. Incorporating sustainable energy measures such as wind and solar power panels and generators can help you capitalize on these weather conditions and even save money in the long run in utility bills. On a sizable plot of land, growing an extensive vegetable garden or keeping domestic animals like chickens or goats may be possible if that interests you. 

Balance Lifestyle With Aesthetic 

While custom homes are generally a lot more stylish than suburban homes, a sensible design is one that accounts for lifestyle more than trendy décor. Make a list of factors that pertain to you such as work hours, number of family members who live with you, income, hobbies, and so on. After accounting for these various lifestyle factors, you can start to bring style into your design. 

Many custom home builders specialize in building certain styles such as art deco styles or Mediterranean house styles so let that be a consideration when you are hiring a contracting company. The power trio which includes your architect, designer and contractor are the most vital people to your project so choose them wisely. 

Get A Floor Plan That Inspires

A dream or vision that is not written or drawn out on paper remains a dream. Work with your dream team to create a floor plan to bring your ideas on paper. Architects and designers will typically present you with a 3D render as well so you can see how the ideas translate to the actual space available. Once you have a floor plan you will see areas where you may need to compromise as well as a myriad of possibilities. Never forget the context of the house such as a scenic view which may lead you to add more large windows in the design for example. 

You should be able to envision your life in the floor plan such as swimming in the mornings, working from home, putting your pets to sleep, gardening and so forth to name a few daily activities in the house. The house will become a home when it brings you utility and joy and caters to your hobbies and interests. This concept determines structural design additions and sourcing of materials. Many people want the feeling of ultra-luxury so they may include marble and granite or a swimming pool and private sauna in the design, someone else may value coziness so they may design smaller rooms with a warm hearth. 

Bring The Dream Team On Board 

The dream team consists of your designers, contractors and sub-contractors and you need to be on the same page as them for optimal communication and cooperation. Take time to build this team that understands your vision and try to choose local so they have proximity to the site and can update you as often as possible in person. Shortlisting contractors is important as every company no matter how highly recommended they come will not be a good match for you. Value good communication skills, work ethics and commitment in your contractors as custom homes can be long projects. 

The Finer Touches 

No project or detail is too small when you are designing your dream custom home. From the paint to the wall décor to the NYC shutters you want, each detail is part of a bigger picture. The benefit of working with professionals like an interior designer is that they can save you time and source items and materials through their vetted channels. They can also bring much needed clarity to your vision and refine the ideas you started out with. When choosing materials and décor items for your home, value craftsmanship and uniqueness over quantity. Engage local artisans and craftsmen where you can, to create one of a kind pieces and structural additions in your home. 


Designing a dream custom home may seem like a never-ending job but the result will be marvelously worth it if you dig up all the right inspiration, work with the best suited professionals and try to follow a unique and personalized take on design. Dream custom homes are loved because they are wonderfully personalized and each is different from the other.

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