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I wanted to have a post on this momentous occasion of 1-1-11.  It is so cool.

Ashley, Susan, Karen, David

Last year my word was LIVE.  I believe I managed to do that.  I continued with my doctoral studies, I bought a convertible, got a tattoo and participated in my first Relay for Life and Susan G Korman Walk for a Cure.  These are things I have talked about before, but not really pursued with the passion I have for life.  Having had breast cancer, I now look at things a bit differently.  I am not waiting to LIVE because I need to do it NOW while I am still here!

This year my word(s) are LIVE WELL.  I don't just want to live, now I w
 ant to do it with courage, wisdom, love and compassion.  I want to live my dreams and to do it well.

Peace and Joy to all of you during 2011.

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  1. Happy New Year to you, Terri!

  2. Happy New Year, lovely lady.

  3. Amen! That's a great goal for anyone to have: Live Well.

  4. Happy 2011, Terri! If anyone knows how to live well, it's you my dear friend! Wishing you abudant blessings this year!


  5. Happy New Year!

    Cancer does make us look at things differently. I tell people all the time that there are gifts to cancer. I know that sounds strange to most, but I bet you agree too. Learning to celebrate LIFE is just one of the gifts.

    Live Well my sweet friend.


  6. Excellent thoughts and blessings to you in this New Year. I love your idea of choosing one word to characterize your year ahead. Sometimes, keeping that one thing in view is all we can handle and all we need! Thanks and it is so good to visit you again after so long.

  7. And live well you will, Terri...our prayers still support you and your unbelievable strength will pull you though!


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