I wanted to have a post on this momentous occasion of 1-1-11.  It is so cool.

Ashley, Susan, Karen, David

Last year my word was LIVE.  I believe I managed to do that.  I continued with my doctoral studies, I bought a convertible, got a tattoo and participated in my first Relay for Life and Susan G Korman Walk for a Cure.  These are things I have talked about before, but not really pursued with the passion I have for life.  Having had breast cancer, I now look at things a bit differently.  I am not waiting to LIVE because I need to do it NOW while I am still here!

This year my word(s) are LIVE WELL.  I don't just want to live, now I w
 ant to do it with courage, wisdom, love and compassion.  I want to live my dreams and to do it well.

Peace and Joy to all of you during 2011.
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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