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Blogging, Facebook, Chatting, Twitter are all about connecting with the world.  When I saw this Blogland event, I knew I wanted to take part.  Lisa at A Whimsical Bohemian has organized the event.

You, too, can join, by heading over to her blog to see what the rules are and how to join!

My name is Terri and I have been blogging since 2005. I live in the great state of Missouri, USA.  My blog centers around my family, photography, food, travel and work (I am a school principal!).  My main reason for blogging was to create something lasting that my grandchildren could see (when I eventually do have grandchildren!) to learn about me and other relatives.  I have often wondered what it was like for my grandparents when they were adults.  I love to socialize with friends and family.  I am a breast cancer survivor (one year!) and I have a major interest in seeing the end of breast cancer in my lifetime!

My door prize is an eight ounce container of bath salts from my business called Bath Cocktails.
We are featuring Pink Champagne for this Valentine season and you will receive this newest scent in your prize package!

Bath Salts

A. It's open to all active bloggers worldwide!
B.  Leave a comment, making sure there is a way to contact you if you win my prize and so I can visit your blog 
C. The Winner will be announced Feb. 17th and that I will email the winner as well as post it.

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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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