First DIY Project of 2011

When we moved into the house in 2002, the door that lead to the basement family room had been removed and stored in the lower garage.  We made a decision not to put the door on because our dog (Dakota) loved to run up and down the steps with our cat (Bustopher).  Both Dakota and Bustopher are gone now and we now have two dogs (Truman and Wilson) who like to run the steps, too but also like to leave "surprises" on the carpet.  We put a gate up to keep them from using the steps (and the carpet).  I have hated that gate since the day we put it up but it did the job and that was what mattered.

Then one day as I was exploring blogland I found a much prettier solution to our problem, which was a screen door.  Bob was skeptical, even when I showed him the cute photos.  Alas, Bob just didn't think it was a good idea so we decided not to do it.  Of course, once the decision was made to NOT do the door, I wanted it even more!

I thought I would put it on my Christmas list and see what might happen... and wala!  I got a screen door!  Bob bought a plain door and added the gingerbread trimming to it.  It had to be painted and so he did that, too.  He figured out how to hang it using the existing door plates and when he got the handle on, it was complete!

Here's a glance at our new screen door:

Screen door added 2010 by Bob Steffes as a Christmas gift to Terri

Bob loves the door, now and thinks it is a much nicer solution than the doggie gate!!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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