It's in the Bag!

Ashley at A Hasty Life is hosting a blog crawl about our purses!  She has had a blog since she became engaged in 2008 to track her wedding progress and now has a full time blog about all kinds of fun things.  Be sure to check her out if you haven't before.  If I sound a bit proud, that's because Ashley is my daughter!

I love purses but I hate to shop for them!  I tend to buy high quality bags, mostly Coach, that I carry for several years.  I usually buy a black leather bag that goes with everything but there are times, like when I wear brown, when I don't love the look.  I was recently introduced to Miche, a purse that is designed to have removable covers so that you can change the look of your bag without changing out purses!

So what is in my purse:

From left to right, top to bottom:  my Vera Bradley sunglasses, Chico cheaters, Coach wallet, Vera Bradley change purse, my business wallet, a business card holder that I received from my friends when I first got a principal's job, various lip balms, and a pocket size Poo-pouri (for covering up smells in public bathrooms!).

And that's it.

Not really.  My purse couldn't be that neat.  Here's the rest:

 cash, bills, stamps, gift certificates, receipts, etc....


Go and visit these other gals to see their posts on their purses: Krysten at After I Do and on Thursday check out Meggie at Chasing Davies.
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Terri Steffes
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  1. Where else does one get to peek inside a gal's purse without getting arrested? LOL! Gotta love Blogland. You're brave...there's no way that I am showing what's in my purse.

  2. HAha I love your post, Mom! This was so fun! I love the wad of stuff at the end! So you! ;)

    <3 Ashley

  3. not just various lip balms,isn't that burts bee's??? it's the best!!!

  4. Oh Lordy, I don't think anyone would want to see what's in my purse! Heck, I can't ever find what I'm looking for. When I change purses, I'm always thinking "oh there it is!". LOL


  5. Love this! Although I need to know more about poo pouri. :) I generally avoid public restrooms because of the smell.

  6. HI! I am a follower of Ashley's blog and was browsing some of the other "It's In The Bag" posts prior to posting this week. How fun that you're Ashley's mom, congratulations you have a very talented daughter. I am originally from KC and my son went to school at MU, so I signed up as a follower when I found Ashley's blog a few months ago. I love the poo pouri, I've seen it before but never in a size for your purse, where did you get?


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