The Wise Men Made It!

2010 Nativity painted by Irene Steffes, stable made by Giles Steffes
 The Wise Men have seen the Baby Jesus and now all the Christmas stuff has been packed away.  This is the time of year when Bob and I like to deep clean the house since all the trinkets have been moved anyway.  I am going to do some shopping in my own home to find some new things for the main level of my house.  I am tired of the things I usually use.  I have asked my friend Lynne to come over and do this for me so that I am confident that I will like how everything looks!

Tonight I am making chicken pot pies with Bob's leftover chicken and veggies from Friday.  I have the cutest pie maker (it makes 4 individual pies) and I love using it!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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