Living Well

I challenged myself this year to a new word(s) Living Well.  Last year I just wanted to Live (2010 word of the year) but this year I wanted to make sure how I was living was up to the mark.  I decided to make this year special by Living Well.  That doesn't mean over and above my means, but to take advantage of opportunities that might come my way.

Last night one (opportunity) did.

1995 Dom Perignon

 On my Bucket List I have written that I want to taste Dom Perignon champagne. at $200+ a bottle, that just wasn't going to be on my To Buy list any time soon!  Bob noticed that Grand Cru in Columbia was having a champagne tasting at their restaurant and as an added bonus, they would be serving Dom Perignon champagne at $10 a glass.  An opportunity to both Live Well and check something off the Bucket List!

Ashley, Bob, David (a friend and colleague of Bob's) and I met and tried the various sparkling wines.  They were all from New Mexico and were delicious.  We bought a couple of bottles for Ashley's graduation.  We had dinner (Grand Cru makes a wonderful lobster mac and cheese) and then we got to try the Dom Perignon.

Dom Perignon is a vintage champagne, meaning it is only made in the best years.  The bottle we had was produced in 1995.  Let me describe it as a very rich drink, full bodied and when it hits your mouth, you know you are drinking something special.  It is spicy with a deep toasty taste.  I actually had tears in my eyes.  It was that good.  My Dom Perignon experience was beautiful and to be shared with family and friends made it even more special.  

At the end of dinner, I convinced Ashley that she needed to ask the waiter for the bottle.  The waiter said he'd try and then came back with the bottle, cork, and box!   A nice keepsake for a Living Well moment!

Ashley and Dom

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