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12 Things to Make Your Home More Beautiful

Your home should be one of the most beautiful places on earth for you. It is likely the most expensive thing you own, and it should be a place that you love to come home to, whether you’re arriving home from work mid-week or you’re getting back from a long trip somewhere. Nobody has the same tastes, but there are some great things you can do to make your home beautiful - and you can do them today! Don’t worry about spending weeks or even months sprucing up your home and making it appear more beautiful. 
Take a look at the 12 tips below and you’ll see there is an abundance of things you can do to make your home look stunning faster.

Let In More Natural Light

Natural light has been linked with things like better mood and productivity - so what are you waiting for? Throw open those curtains and blinds! You might even want to invest in better window dressings that allow you to control the natural light in a room better.While artificial light does have its place, natural light should be a focus of your home. 

2. Buy Some Plants Or Flowers

Plants or flowers are a gorgeous accessory that can brighten up any home. They add color and natural beauty that other accessories can’t usually mimic. They’ve also been linked to purer air within the home, and studies have shown that we can feel happier just by looking at them. 

If you’d rather not have to deal with the maintenance, then you could always buy some authentic looking artificial flowers, but you won’t get the same air purifying and mood boosting effects!

3. Create A Feature Wall

A feature wall can make a room stand out and draw the eye to a specific wall in the room. If you have a large plain wall free of windows, doors, and other distractions, then this is the perfect wall to create your feature wall on. You can create your feature wall using wallpaper, paint, or even a mixture of mediums if you want to get creative. You could paint a mural, or add some pictures and prints that speak to you. They can add lots of interest to a room while showing off your personality, too.

4. Add Some More Texture

Try adding some more texture to your home to make it look more beautiful. Texture can stop a room from looking dull and bring more interest in an instant. Try layering cushions and rugs, and adding throws. Plants, as mentioned above, can also add texture. Texture is key to making your home look stylish and professionally put together. It’s the secret weapon of many interior designers


5. Keep Pests At Bay

Pests can creep into your garden and later on your home if you’re not careful. Take steps to keep them away, such as keeping your grass short and keeping your bins tidy. You can look into things like keeping away raccoons to make sure you don’t have to deal with a bigger issue later on down the line. Pests can carry allergens, pollute the air inside your home, and more. Don’t let them run riot! Using a pest control product like Self Control can help kill over 140 different bugs and keep your surroundings free from infestation. 

6. Work On Your Curb Appeal

You may not be selling your home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on your curb appeal. Your curb appeal is the feelings that your home evokes when looking at it from the outside. Staying on top of this now means you won’t have to work so hard in the future if you do ever come to sell your home. Things you can do include: 

Keep your garden tidy, keeping your grass trimmed (not too short, not too long), getting rid of weeds, and so on.

Plant flowers and plants.

Get rid of debris.

Clean your windows,doors, and cars.

Get a nice looking door number/letterbox, and any other outdoor accessories.

7. Show Off Things That Matter To You

It’s your home, so you should want to show off the things that matter to you. This could be souvenirs from an awesome trip that you took, pictures of your family, and anything else you feel might show off your personality. If you play an instrument, don’t stow it away - show it off! Things like this can make excellent conversational pieces and make your home look more interesting. 

8. Invest In Some Artwork That You Love

Every home should have artwork on the walls. You could even create some of your own if you’re the creative type and you know what you want. Alternatively, you could commision something from a local artist, find something in a charity or second hand store, or even just frame a print that you like.

You could display one large piece above your sofa or bed, or even create a wall dedicated to pieces that you love.

9. Get Rid Of Clutter

Clutter instantly makes your home look less attractive. Stay on top of your clutter so you never have to have one huge clear out. Get rid of duplicates, get rid of your mail as soon as you’ve read it (better yet, go paperless), recycle old magazines and newspapers, and be vigilant about things you don’t really need or use.

10. Add A Mirror

Mirrors can look beautiful, and they reflect light around a room, making it look bigger. Adding a mirror to a room could be all you need to do to make it look amazing.


11. Buy Smart Storage

Smart storage solutions can give you more space and make your home more functional. You can buy beds that double up as storage units, for example!

12. Hide Your Wires

Wires can make a room look messy, even if it’s immaculate in every other way. See if you can use wire tidies to keep them in order, or cover them over with paintable wire covers.

How will you make your home more beautiful?

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  1. I like these tips and a lot of them I never really considered. I definitely love letting light in but hiding wires is an EXCELLENT idea as well as buying some plotted plants.

  2. These are great ways to make the home more beautiful. While we're happy with our home, it doesn't mean we can't do a few of these suggestions

  3. These all seem like some fun and easy ways to spruce up a home. I love the idea of adding texture and plan to incorporate it more throughout my own house.

  4. Can you believe that my friend just gave me a flower plant to put into my room today? It really has added more color and light to my room, and I felt so happy when I see it. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc11:28 AM

    These are all awesome tips. What I have is a lot of natural light (thanks to the floor to ceiling glass panels on one side and I also have a few indoor plants. Now if I only knew how to hide those ugly wires!

  6. Amazing how a couple small changes can make such a huge difference! Thanks for the tips!

  7. I like your idea of adding plants indoors. Will get some flower plants for the house soon. :)

  8. Thanks for these tips. I'm always looking for a way to make my home stand out and I'm going to do some of these and see if it helps!

  9. Keshia Richmond2:31 PM

    These are some fantastic ideas for making you home more beautiful, particularly making your home free of clutter!

  10. Thanks for this! We just moved in and I really jeed to read this. Maybe I'll buy plants later for our home. :)


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